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Links from the bottom of all the October 2013 articles, collected in one place for you to print, share, or bookmark.

How to Write Secure Code

Eight Simple Rules for Developing More Secure Code

Writing Secure Code

How to Write Insecure Code

The Tokeneer Project

Fuzz Testing

Source Code Analysis Tools

Joel on Software: 12 Steps to Better Code

OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risks for ASP.NET

C is for cookie, H is for hacker — understanding HTTP only and Secure cookies

5 ways to implement HTTPS in an insufficient manner (and leak sensitive data)

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)

How to Use a Command Line Interface






ZOC Terminal


Light Table (Command Line Integrated Development Editor)

Command Quick Reference Guides

Linux Command List for Command Line Interfaces

Command Quick Reference Guides

Unix Man (Manual) Pages

A definition and short history of Unix command documentation.

How to Read Man Pages

A tutorial from McGill University.

FreeBSD Man Pages

A searchable set of man pages for a wide range of Unix operating systems in addition to FreeBSD.

Install and Upgrade Software in Ubuntu

CentOS Web Site

Ubuntu Web Site

Pigeons on the Stairs


How to Code HTML Email

Guide to CSS Support in Email

Campaign Monitor: Responsive Email Design

MailChimp: Email on Mobile Devices

Email Marketing Field Guide

Litmus: Responsive & Scalable Email Design: What’s the Difference?

Responsive Email Design Resources and Templates

Be sure to test any code thoroughly on a wide range of old and new email software. HTML Email Coding Courses

Two courses I was fortunate enough to be asked to create for However, you have to pay to use their service. It happens to be amazingly worthwhile to subscribe to their service, given how much training they offer. I did try to include lots of material not found elsewhere online on the topic of coding HTML email, for example, creating templates in WordPress and Expression Engine to auto-generate emails and how to design text emails.

Add a Background Image to Your Email in Two Simple Steps

Optimizing Your Email for Mobile Devices with the @media Query

Join Me Sample Email

A random HTML email I saved then cleaned up. The code may or may not follow every rule in this article. Therefore, it might interest you as a case study. Any HTML email can be saved locally on your computer but they will require time and patience to carefully clean the code.

Lorem Ipsum

Based on Cicero’s de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum (The Extremes of Good and Evil), written in 45 BC, this dummy text has been used by printers and publishers since the 1500s.

What is an SSL Certificate?

Data Security is a Classroom Worry, Too

What Is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and What Are SSL Certificates?

Domain Name System (DNS)

SSL Certificate

Internet Protocol (IP) Address


Lua Tables

PHP Arrays

Python Dictionaries

Arrays (in Computer Science)



History of Lua

Two presentations describe in detail the evolution of the Lua language. (PDF) (PDF)


Lua: Really for Beginners

Crashing Into Lua

Includes an inline Lua Interpreter to test and adapt code from this tutorial.

Lua, What is Lua? (Stack Overflow)

Among serious comments and insights, apparently Lua means toilet in Hawaiian.

1Password, LastPass, and RoboForm




Password Manager Reviews,2817,2407168,00.asp

How I Became a Password Cracker

Password Strength: How Strong is Your Password? (Infographic)

Born to be Breached: The Worst Passwords are Still the Most Common

Kill the Password: Why a String of Characters Can’t Protect Us Anymore

Why Passwords Have Never Been Weaker — and Crackers Have Never Been Stronger

Probably the best overview of how user-generated passwords no longer work. And a cautionary tale for people who use 12345678 as their password (you know who you are).

An Interview with Troy Hunt

Personal Website

Training Courses on Pluralsight

Of Developers, Security Professionals and Playing Nice Together, an interview with Troy Hunt, on PaulDotCom

Popular Articles on

Everything You Wanted to Know About SQL Injection (but were afraid to ask)

The Impending Crisis that is Windows XP and IE8

Scamming the Scammers — Catching the Virus Call Centre Scammers Red-Handed

You are Cordially Invited to Hack Me First (and get free stuff!)

In Google We Trust — Links and more info from 4 Corners

Food Security

How Many Calories Do People Consume?

What Types of Food Do People Need to Eat?

How Much Land Can Feed One Person?

Three Sisters

Terra Preta

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)s


Disney’s Living with the Land Ride

Potato Recipes

Potato Pancakes
Potato Salad
Potato Soup

General Mills, Count Chocula, and Monster-Themed Cereals

Open Source Security for Schools and Students

Data Security is a Classroom Worry, Too

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Also In The October 2013 Issue

An Interview with Troy Hunt

Troy Hunt is a software architect and Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) focusing on security concepts and process improvement in a Fortune 50 company. He's based in Australia.

1Password, LastPass, RoboForm

If you use a password you created that is less than eight characters, your password is vulnerable to hacking. Here are three ways to create and use secure passwords online.

How to Write Secure Code

Coding securely doesn't have to kill the joy of programming. In fact, learning how to code securely provides insights into languages and computing.

How to Code HTML Email

How to code an HTML email like the ones you open every day turns out to be an offbeat software coding challenge.

What is an SSL Certificate?

How to tell if a web page is secure is one of the most basic yet least obvious ways to protect your data online.

Where to Find Command Line Interface Software

One key computing skill is the ability to use command line interface (CLI) software to enter commands to control a computer. Here are some options.


Lua is a comparatively simple programming language used in a wide range of places, from digital TVs to video games to phone applications. It's also designed to be simple to use and lightweight.


Here is how three programming languages handle a common problem: how do you organize and keep track of useful data?

Linux Command List for Command Line Interfaces

Some of the most common commands you'll need for a command line interface (CLI), in a Linux command list.

Computer science education cannot make anybody an expert programmer any more than studying brushes and pigment can make somebody an expert painter.

News Wire Stories for October 2013

Must read stories about computer science, software programming, and technology for September 2013.

Learn More Links for October 2013

Links from the bottom of all the October 2013 articles, collected in one place for you to print, share, or bookmark.