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Raspberry Pi Jams

Raspberry Jams

Raspberry Pi Projects

How to run a raspberry Pi Meetup

Get yourself into a Jam

Official guide to hosting a jam

Link to Bitsy



Twine: TIC-80 tutorials

Twine introductory booklet

Pygame Zero

What is a game jam

Get the most out of a game jam–gamedev-437

What is ludum dare

Kids’ game jams

game jam tips, tools and resources–gamedev-12084

How to game jam

running a game jam

history of game jams

That botnet turned my computer into a zombie!

Computerphile: Botnets

Everything You Need to Know about BOTNETs

The Mirai Botnet Explained

The Reaper Botnet

9 of History’s Notable Botnets

The Internet is Mostly Bots

There are Zombies in Our Midst

2016 is the year of the bots. But what about zombies?

Slow Loris

A Short History of Bots and Robots

What is a keylogger?

Top 5 types of keyloggers

Five common types of Phishing attacks


What is DDoS?

Smart start to summer fun

Alexa Skill Kit

Anki Cozmo

Raspberry Pi

Anki Cozmo robot

Anki Cozmo video

Raspberry Pi projects

Best Raspberry Pi books for beginners

Raspberry Pi STEM kit

Alexa Skills for kids – video

Best Educational Alexa Skills

Who’s muscling in on your data?

What Is a Brute Force Attack?

List of the most common passwords

My1Login password strength checker

Brute Force Attack

Types of brute force attacks

How to choose a strong password

Tips for strong passwords

Creating and remembering strong passwords

Dictionary attacks

What is a dictionary attack?

Brute force attack facts

Teaching kids to create secure passwords

Phishing and password attacks

Safe password tips for children

Makey Makey Cool Projects

Makey Makey Labs

Makey Makey quickstart

Makey Makey for educators

Makey Makey interactive poster

Makey Makey games on Scratch

What is Maky Maky

Maky Maky Piano – video

Maky Maky Bongos – video

What are your favorite conductors?

Conductive and non-conductive materials

Top Five Labz Guides

How to connect to the physical world

Integrating Maky Maky into your curriculum

Maky Maky educational games

Exploring Conductivity

Conductors and insulators

Create art and music from Pure Data

Tutorials on Pure Data

Pure Data documentation

Making a snare drum in Pure Data

What is pure data?

Visual programming tools

What is a visual programming language

Introduction to Pure Data (video)

Pure Data Beginner Tutorial

Max Visual Programming Language

Windows? Shut the Front Door!

What Is MS-DOS?

History of Windows

Windows 1 footage

What is Microsoft windows

Brief history of windows

Before Windows

Funny tech words

Tech term origins

Windows facts for kids

What is GUI

Let’s shake on it!

What is a handshake?

Computer handshake definition

What is certificate authority?


Public Key Certificate

What is a public key?

Shared Key and public Key encryption

Transport Layer Security


How do computers talk to each other?

Encryption facts

RSA Algorithm

Secret Codes for Kids

Caesar Cipher

Cryptology for Kids

Break the code

Abhay Bhushan: developer of TCP protoco

What are the odds?

Basic Python syntax


For loops vs while loops

How Programming languages control the processing of instructions

Pygame: a primer

Python while loops

What is double or nothing?

Code to the Beat with Sonic Pi

Generating music with Sonic Pi

Make music with simple code

Live coding with Sonic Pi

Live coding online

Sam Aaron website

What is Sonic Pi

Computer Music history

Create music using computer

Live Coding definition



CodeGuppy Draw with Code Tutorial

CodeGuppy p5.js Tutorial

p5.js Libraries



Now 40, NASA’s LAGEOS Set the Bar for Studies of Earth


Associated Press LAGEOS Video (5/2/1976)

The History of Zero

The Origin of Zero


Who Invented Zero?