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Pet Tech Goes Off-Leash

Barney Moss on Flickr

The Internet of Things (or “IoT” for short) aims to make things as easy as possible for humans. There’s lots of exciting things going on within the world of IoT, such as cars that drive themselves and satellites that control tech down on Earth.

However, that doesn’t mean our fluffy friends have to go without! In fact, the world of IoT is also trying to make it as easy as possible for us to appreciate and take care of our pets by utilizing the latest in technology.

The best bit is, you don’t have to wait around for this tech to get invented. There are already lots of ways that pet owners can enhance the connection they have with their fluffy friends!

For instance, there’s the Migo smart collar. This amazing piece of kit straps around your pet’s neck, just like a normal collar. However, unlike the ones you can buy from a regular store, this one can track your pet’s location, measure its heart rate, and even turn on an LED light so you can find them in the dark!

The Migo collar isn’t the only big dog out there, though (pun intended). Another company called Smartpaw was identified in a report as a big player in pet IoT robotics, and if you take a look at its range of products, it’s easy to see why!

Smartpaw’s products include an automated litterbox cleaner you can control with a smartphone app. And you can also use an app to control its driveable robot that dispenses treats as you play.

But that doesn’t mean that IoT pet devices are all in the hands of big tech. In fact, it’s entirely possible for you to make your own gadgets, too! For instance, there are instructions from Instructables to make your own IoT pet feeder.

However, we’re just scratching the surface with how IoT can help pets. All the examples we covered above are mainly focused on cats and dogs, but there are a whole range of animals out there with loving owners. From fish to snakes to exotic animals, there’s room for IoT to adapt to these new markets.

If you own a pet, what would you invent to make your life better? Maybe an automatic petter when your pet won’t leave you alone? Or maybe an exciting new toy? Who knows; your idea may be the next big thing in pet IoT!

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