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Living and Learning with Moxie


It can be hard to identify and express emotions. A robot named Moxie wants to help!

Moxie is a little robot on a mission to be a good friend to children. Created by technology company Embodied, this groundbreaking AI robot is shipped to child mentors, whose job it is to teach Moxie the social and emotional learning skills necessary for survival in the human world. Through stories, missions, games and conversation, Moxie becomes a friend, a student, and teacher all wrapped into one, and Project Moxie mentors eagerly look forward to each and every interaction.

Based on input from a team of child development specialists, neuroscientists, technologists, and storytellers, Moxie is able to engage in and respond to natural conversation, make eye contact, and read facial expressions. Moxie also recognizes people and remembers details from its conversations.

Moxie offers a highly personalized, private, and nonjudgmental experience for young kids sorting out what they’ve encountered in their lives. It also teaches positive affirmations, breathing exercises, and guided meditations. Monthly print mailers and a dedicated web portal give children a window into the world of Moxie and the Global Robotics Laboratory.

Moxie is designed to be part of a child’s life for as long as they need or want the companionship of a robot friend. Because what Moxie does is intensely personal, all the data Moxie interacts with is encrypted, meets COPPA standards, and is controlled by parents or therapists.

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