That Botnet Turned my Computer into a Zombie!

Aim for their Motherboard! This time we are talking about Computer Zombies!

What are the Odds?

Time to grab your favourite good luck charm and get ready for some high-stakes coding!

Sorting Algorithms

What do bubbles, pancakes, and spaghetti all have in common? They're all great for sorting!

Hash and Salt

Learn the delicious-sounding secrets that websites use to keep your passwords safe from hackers.

Pigeon Hole Principle

A simple, quirky theorem with big applications, from picking socks to counting hairs.

Model View Controller

Learn the secret to creating huge programs without getting lost in thousands of lines of code.

Requests and Responses

Ever wondered what happens when you connect to a website? Time to dive into the secrets of networking!

Triangle Generator

A simple coding activity to create triangles in all shapes and sizes.

Google Deep Dream

A clever AI is creating twisted, surreal art. Math or magic?

Monty Hall Problem

Two doors hide a zonk, and one door hides a prize. Can probability & statistics help you pick the right one?

Introduction to Memory Management

Dive into the nuts & bolts of storing pictures and files on your computer.

Coding Mistakes

Code can always be improved. Check out these tips to make you the best programmer you can be!

Remote Controlled Turtles

Some fun Python code that introduces you to the arcane world of event handling.

Dijkstra’s Algorithm

Learn about the brilliant algorithm behind all of your GPS devices.

Coding is Good Review

It’s free, comprehensive, and available on-the-go. This cool app helps you master Python faster than ever before.

Image Filters

Learn the secrets behind pixels, image blurs, and all your favourite Instagram filters!

Maze-Solving Algorithms

Stuck in a maze? Not anymore! Here are tips and tricks for beating the most convoluted labyrinths.

How to Solve Rubik’s Cube

A quick introduction to one of the world’s most fascinating puzzle toys.

The Blue Brain Project

Could a human brain be simulated by a computer? Would it think and feel like we do?

History of Game Controllers

Controllers have come a long way in 50 years. Let’s appreciate the bulky, awkward ancestors that led us here!

Who Knew Turtles Can Draw?

Meet Thomas, a turtle who can help you draw stars with Python (not the snake!).

The Birthday Paradox

What are the odds two people in your classroom share a birthday? Much higher than you think!

Adventure Games and Finite State Machines

This pen and paper project helps organize ideas into stories with a finite state machine.


This Canadian experiment used a robot to explore how people respond to robots and technology.

Make a Bird Wave!

A simple animation is a fun way to play with and learn the Python programming language.

Mark Collantes, Designer

Mark is a designer who also knows a lot about how to use technology to create design.

Algorithm Design

Could you add up all the numbers between 1 and 100? Here's how to do it.


Another mysterious four-letter acronym that helps secure information online.


This odd acronym offers security protection beyond your password. Here are a few examples of how 2FA works.

Create Shapes and Colors with Racket

Racket is a fun and easy programming language to learn because it's all about creating colors and shapes as you learn.