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Anjanettew on Flickr

Programming Memes

Grumpy cat

What is a meme?

Kid Friendly memes

8-year old meme star

How did light guns work

Ralph Baer

Classic arcade museum

Magnavox Odyssey

Top 5 light gun games

Light guns for LCD screens

Python Madlibs

How to make your own MadLibs

Python Escape Characters

Python Mad Libs

Build a simple mad lib

Mad Libs Generator


Firewall definition

What is my IP address?

Firewall FAQs

Three types of firewalls

How Firewalls work

Evolution of firewalls

Firewall networking


Why are firewalls important

Kid Safety in Digital Age”

Origin of term “Firewall”

Firewall construction

Automatic Identification System


Typical range of AIS–What-is-the-typical-range-of-the-AIS-

AIS – A Brief History

Turning off AIS – Going dark


Snowman coding

Gingerbread and Snowmen unplugged coding

Making a snowman army

Girls who code program

Binary Riddles

Binary in Beanz

Binary from TED Ed

Binary video

Converting between base ten and base two

Binary numbers

Binary Number system

Cool Math Tricks for Binary numbers

Teaching kids binary

Binary code necklaces

Finite Automata

Reference on binary

Spoilers for the kind of automata that can detect palindromes

Finite state automation

Finite state automation lesson

Treasure hunt

Binary What?

Binary numbers

Why binary numbers are used

binary vs decimal system

How Binary numbers work

write you name in binary code

Programming 3D Art in Shadertoy




How to install DirectX

OpenGL Shading language

what is a shader

Vertex and pixel shaders



Smart Street Lights

Environmental energy

street light of the future

Intelligent street lighting”

Smart cities

smart street lights

Photoelectric cells

Smart pole IoT apps

San Diego Smart city projects

Software Version Conventions

Software update vs upgrade

Understanding software version conventions

Software versioning

What is a version number

Into to semantic versioning

How to Pick a Programming Language

Five best programming languages for kids

Best programming language for your child

20 best programming languages

Top Ten programming languages for kids

Programming languages videos

What programming language should we use

programming languages and there uses

Computational Thinking in the Wild

What is computational thinking

planting seeds of computational thinking

Computational thinking for kindergarteners

K to 12 computational resources

Computational thinking activities

Unbeatable tic tac toe

Seymour Papert

Mindstorms – the book

Programming Peanut Butter and Jelly


Programming Games in Pharo





Sailors, Coconuts, and a Monkey

Project Code in

The Colossal Book of Mathematics: Classic Puzzles, Paradoxes, and Problems

Martin Gardner’s Puzzle Books

The First Computers

Betty Holbertson

Kathleen (McNulty) Antonelli

Jean Bartik

Frances (Bilas) Spence

Ruth (Lichterman) Teitlebaum

Marily (Wescoff) Meltzer

ENIAC Programmers Project

Adele Goldstine

Jean Bartik and the ENIAC Women

Pioneer Programmer: Jean Jennings Bartik and the Computer that Changed the World

Her autobiography was written to encourage girls and women to consider science and technology careers. The Truman State links to a version for grades 4-6.

Computer Pioneers (1935 to 1945)

Women in Programming