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Tom Woodward

Breaking the Silo

Tips for teaching STEM

How to teach computational thinking

Listening to Data

Alexander’s broadcasts and his music

Motherboard article: “‘The Space Composer’ is Making Music with the Sun”

NASA article: “NASA Scientists Listen to Data”

TEDx: “How we turn stars into music”

University of Michigan: Scientists Listen to the Sun

Morse Code

Morse Code Translator

The Telegraph

US Navy Training Video for Morse Code

Introducing Sphero

Sphero activities

New Yorker article: “A Whole New Ball Game”

Wired article: “How BB-8 – a Rolling Robot in a Galaxy Far, Far Away – Changed Everything for Sphero

How inductive charging works

Finding Summer Camps

101 questions to ask when choosing a summer camp

Technology summer camps

ID Tech

Tech Kids Unlimited

Digital Media Academy

Emagination Computer Camps

Black Girls Code

Summer of Code 2013 was in Pittsburgh, Detroit, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, Memphis, New York, District of Columbia, Chicago, and Oakland, California.

Coder Dojo

An international coding club to connect programming professionals with kids 7-17 and their parents (if parents want to get involved).

Kids can Code

Based in Southern California with a focus on Python, Scratch, and Raspberry Pi.

The Blue Brain Project

The Blue Brain Project main page

Henry Markram x TED: A brain in a supercomputer

Detailed Project Overview by Artificial Brains

Info on How the Brain Works

Why the Human Brain Project Went Wrong

Thinking Outside the Box

SketchUp Help Center: Adding Colors and Textures with Materials

SketchUp: Images, Textures, Fixed and Free Pins

SketchUp Tutorial: Aligning Textures Using the Fixed Pins

SketchUp Textures

PyWeek Game Jam Report



An online book that teaches programming with PyGame

The main PyWeek site

Modelling Tic-Tac-Toe with Python

Lists and Arrays


User Input

What Time Is It?

Unix Time

Epoch Converter

Why Does Unix Time Start at 1970/01/01?

French Republican Calendar

Hack Your Own Operation Game

History of Operation Game

MicroPython Speech Module

More about while loops

Take Minecraft Game Online

TopG Server List

Planet Minecraft Skins Directory

Official Guide for Multiplayer

Realms website

3D Printed Jewellery

3D printing resources

Telegraph article: “Is 3D printing the future of fine jewellery?”

More articles about 3D printing

From Scratch to JavaScript: WoofJS

WoofJS Teacher Guide

WoofJS Game Design Tutorial

Introduction to JavaScript


A profile from when Julia was first going public

A bare bones tutorial on Julia

A library for doing symbolic mathematics like algebra in Julia

An article comparing the performance of a fast Python implementation with the base Julia implementation

A “deep learning” library for Julia

The main Julia site

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Also In The February 2018 Issue

In an era before telephones, a clever code was created to send messages by telegraph.

A simple coding activity that creates a virtual tic-tac-toe board with pieces.

Seven days to design, code, and debug a program with PyGame. What could go wrong?

Play with your friends or connect to Minecraft servers all around the world.

Turning scientific data into music can lead to new insights and new solutions.

Tools to help you design and print your own jewelry. Who says geeks can’t be fashionable?

Say hello to your new favorite robot: spherical, programmable, and durable. It can even swim!

The perfect language to help you transition into a new way of coding.

Create a new and improved variation of the classic 1960s board game with micro:bit.

Learn about the origin of Unix time, the calendar system used by digital devices.

Could a human brain be simulated by a computer? Would it think and feel like we do?

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