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December 2020 Learn More Links

Chris McCorkle on Flickr

Just Add OOP

Roll a Story Program using OOP

Original Roll a Story Program

Roll a Story Using Python and

Object oriented programming

What is OOP?

OOP Concepts

OOP in Python

OOP for Kids

Roll a story teaching resources


uLisp site

Lisp programming language

History of Lisp

Short history of Lisp Programming language

Timeline of programming languages

uLisp supports adafruit

Small Internet, Big Fun

A history of Gopher

get started with Gopher

The Telnet BBS Guide

The main gemini web page

The directory of micropubnixes

Introduction to Gemini

Gopher protocol

rise and fall gopher protocol


What are tildes?

Why the BBS is still awesome

Bulletin Board System

Online community

Kids’ online communities

Online social communities for kids


Changing bases

Numbers and Bases

Ancient number systems



number bases

number bases and binary numbers

Learn about number bases

Base-10 system

Counting in bases other than 10


What Is Modulo?

C++ FizzBuzz With Modulo

Practical uses for the modulo operator

Modulo operation

What is modular arithmetic?

What does % mean in python?

Modulo operation facts

Fun with Modular arithmetic

Modular arithmetic

Modulo operator in Python

Eternal batteries

Original news piece

How long do cell phone batteries last?

Expanding phone battery tips

Nanowires battery

Is forever battery a pipe dream?

Million mile battery

Oil that battery

How Batteries work

battery lifespan

Ethical Hackers

White hat hacker

Microsoft Bounty Programs

What Is Ethical Hacking?

Bug Crowd

three types of hackers

Red and white hacking

Bug Bounties and how they work

Skills of bug bounty

Ethical hacking for kids

Prepare kids for a career in cybersecurity

Kids learn to hack

Hacker facts for kids

Sew Cool


Making wearable circuits

Sewn circuits

Planning a wearable project

Sew a circuit

Sewn circuits

Conductive thread

Electronic projects for kids

Sewing circuits

Prime numbers

What are prime numbers?

Prime numbers chart and calculators

Understanding prime numbers

Why prime numbers are so exciting

Prime number facts

Checking if a number is prime

Finding prime numbers in Python

Why are prime numbers important?

Introduction to prime numbers

fun prime number facts

Prime number explanation for parents and kids

Prime factorization puzzles

Prime number maze

Prime numbers game


Wallace & Grommit’s World of Invention: Strandbeests

Building a beest fit for the beach

Theo Jansen

Developing Strandbeests

Adam Savage meets Strandbeests

Walking bicycle

Meet the beests

Strandbeest kits

Theo Jansen – TED talk

Top Ten Human Powered machines”

Playa Crawler

Strandbeest Kit

Build a Strandbeest

Save the world

Eugenia Kalnay

Kalnay receives Roger Revelle medal

Desertification and climate change


Solutions to desertification

Causes, effects and solutions for desertification

What’s behind desertification?

Make the Sahara Green Again

Solar and Wind Farms in the Sahara

Will the US be a desert in 50 years?

World Day to combat desertification

Children fight desertification


What can kids do about climate change?


Eratothenes bio

About Eratothenes

Eratothenes measures the earth

Measuring the circumference of the earth

Eratothenes map

Eratothenes facts and worksheets

sieve of eratosthenes

Tracking Covid with phone

Smartphones and Tracking the Spread of COVID-19

A primer on mobile privacy and security

Viral Coronavirus Cellphone Maps Send A Powerful Message

Corona Virus tracking on your phone

Contact Tracing,to%20COVID%2D19.

Covid tracking Q&A

How contact tracing works on your phone

Using phone to track covid exposure

mobile phone tracking

Pinwheel Pattern

Sketch-up official site

Making a pinwheel


Susan Kare

How Susan Kare designed icons for the Mac

AIGA Medalist Susan Kare

How to start out as an icon designer

icon design

7 Things we love about Susan Kare

Designing better app icons