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Computing at School

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The UK grass roots group Computing at School (CAS) provides free and open resources and support for computer science teachers and parents. It is organized and run by volunteer master teachers and attended by teachers who join hubs with online and offline communities and events.

The community helps educators with little or no knowledge to become effective teachers of computing and computer science through sharing with more experienced teachers and experts. Parents, industry partners, university academics, and others work together to share best practices and create resources for everyone to use. Students are not allowed to participate, so that teachers may feel free to ask basic questions in a supportive and professional environment.

CAS is supported by other groups as well Barefoot Computing provides in-school training for primary schools with an emphasis on computer science and computing education without computers. A session about networking, for example, might be part of a physical education class with students running back and forth to act out all the parts of sending messages across a typical computer network. Code Club also offers after school coding programs for students.

Computing at School is interested to expand its programs outside of the United Kingdom. They encourage teachers, university academics, subject matter experts, and parents to use the CAS model and online communities to support computer science education in other countries.

If you’re interested, it’s free to join the Computing at School organization and ask for information about starting a local hub. It’s also free for teachers, parents, and experts outside the UK to use the CAS resources to support their teaching practice, no matter where they teach.  Logins are required, for privacy reasons.


Computing at school


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Computing at School


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