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Ames Illusion

About the Ames Room

SketchUp Resources

Command Line Interface (CLI) Part II

Examples of the “find” command

A long-form tutorial on bash scripting

Another longer guide to bash scripting

An alternative to bash

Project SNOWstorm

Project SNOWstorm

Cellular Tracking Technologies

Cronch the Cats

About rogue-like games

Scratch Resources

Video tutorials for beginners
Scratch community and resources

Hieroglyphs and Reverse Engineering

About Egyptian hieroglyphs

How the Rosetta stone helped us decipher hieroglyphs

Hieroglyph code breaker activity

Details on cracking the code



About Joshua Lowe and the creation of Edublocks

Introduction to Python

Random Dessert Generator

Introduction to Python

Khan Academy video tutorial about lists in Python

Lists in Python

Python random module

Image Filters

Computerphile: video about Digital Images

Computerphile: video about How Blurs & Filters Work

Illustration of the HSB system

RGB and HSV / HSB Color Spaces

Image Manipulation: Filters and Convolutions (class slides)

From Drawing to 3D

Microsoft 3D Builder



Robot Motors

What is a Robot

Guide to Motors

Stepper Motor Tutorial

How to use a Stepper Motor

DC Motor Control Tutorial

Servos Explained

Stepper Elevator Example

My Best Computer Science Lesson

Turtle Graphics

Introducing Turtle Graphics for Python

Turtle Graphics for tk Docs (used by

Catching a Gravitational Wave

How LIGO detected gravitational waves

Caltech news release about LIGO wave detection

Facts about LIGO


Programming in Lua, the official book by the creators of the language

The official Lua reference manual

Description of Lua in a Backus-Naur Form (BNF)

BNF is like a compact cheatsheet for the syntax of a programming language

Backus-Naur Form tutorial

Fantasy Computers and TIC-80

TIC-80 home page

TIC-80 github

In-browser TIC-80

TIC-80 tutorials and documentation

LIKO-12: Another up-and-coming open source fantasy computer

PICO-8: The big one that started the trend

Staying Safe Online

Minecraft: a Parent’s Guide

Tips from Minecraft for staying safe online

Safety Net Kids: Staying Safe Online


Geocaching with Kids

5 Tricks of the Trade for Geocaching with Kids

Advice from a middle school teacher who takes her classes out geocaching.

Spatial Orientation and the Brain: The Effects of Map Reading and Navigation

STEM Star: Michelle Barboza-Ramirez

Femmes of STEM

About Paleontology

Parenting Science: Paleontology and dinosaurs for kids


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Use SketchUp to recreate the famous optical illusion that grows and shrinks people around the room.

Learn what makes a good rogue-like game and how to make one yourself.

Unleash your inner digital chef through this simple (but mouth-watering) Python activity.

Dinosaur fossils, STEM podcasts, and a day in the life of a paleontologist.

A fun introduction to programming games with fantasy computers. The 70s and 80s are back in style!

Real life treasure hunts are a way to get outdoors, learn map skills, and have fun finding hidden caches near you.

Tips & trips to help you have a great time on the Internet, even when others don’t behave well.

How scientists finally cracked the code behind the mysterious language of Ancient Egypt.

Two small projects introducing you to Edublocks, a language that bridges the gap between Scratch and Python.

Take your CLI skills to the next level as you combine, redirect, and script commands.

It looks like JavaScript, has a Python aesthetic, and integrates easily with C/C++. Meet Lua: a scripting language for fantasy computers.

How the high-tech LIGO made a huge discovery and won its three founders a Nobel Prize.

An introduction to the devices that’ll make your robots zoom, skitter, and spin.

Learn the secrets behind pixels, image blurs, and all your favourite Instagram filters!

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