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Links from the bottom of all the April 2021 articles, collected in one place for you to print, share, or bookmark.

The Imposters Among Us

Among Us

Among Us on Steam

How to play Among Us

Potential Imposter websites

Imposter Websites are among us

How to spot online imposters

What is astroturfing

What is astroturfing in politics?

Oxford Computational Propaganda Project

Misinformation and the Corona Virus

Spotting Fake News

Identifying fake news

How Did Computers Get Here?


How to use an Abacus video


Napier’s Bones

John Napier’s Bones

Blaise Pascal

How the Pascaline works – video

The Slide Rule

History of the Slide Rule

Logic Machines

Human Computers: Women at Nasa

Women in coding

Altair 8800

Altair 8800 video

What is Quantum Computing?

A programming language for quantum computers

Silq programming language

Quantum Programming

Quantum Computing video

Quantum Computers

15 Things to know about Quantum Computing

Mind-boggling facts about quantum computers

Quantum Computing

What is a Qubit

Quantum Computer Facts for Kids

Quantum activity pack

Quantum Computer takes huge step

Soldering 101

How to Solder

Soldering for kids

Teach your kids to solder

What is solder

How to Solder

Used for your soldering iron

Soldering facts

History of soldering

The History of the Soldering Iron

Tour your Art Museum!

Walking through a model

Make walk-throughs in Sketchup

The Emoji Generator

Emoji Generator (Conditionals) Program

Emoji Generator (Switch Statements) Program

Emojis for the Web (Reference Chart)

JavaScript Conditions

JavaScript Switch Statements

What’s that Bird?


How to use e-Bird

How to use e-Bird

E-Bird hot spots

Citizen Science: Bird Count

How to Count Birds

Backyard bird count printable

Christmas bird count

Why Should we Count Birds

Estimate of Bird Species in the world

Great Backyard Bird Count

Bird Count

Make Pixel Art

The history of Pixel Art


The Noun Project


Pixel Art, past, present, and future

Pixel Art Tutorial

How to make Pixel Art

Pixel art examples

Pixel Art Maker

Pixel Art Pictures

Pixel Art History

Roy Lichtenstein

Lichtenstein art

Georges Seurat

Seurat history for kids

7 things to know about Pointilism

Chuck Close and Pointilism

What is halftone?

Chuck Close Artwork

Limor Fried

Profile of Limor Fried

About Adafruit

Adafruit start-up

Limor Fried video

How Limor Fried built a tech empire

How Adafruit grew

Female Tech Entrepreneurs

The Double Slit Experiment

Double-slit experiment explanation

DIY double-slit experiment for light

Double-slit experiment

Weird double slit experiment

What happens when a particle of light knows it’s being watched

Young’s Double Slit experiment video

Double-slit experiment

Thomas Young

Wave-particle duality

Daemons in my PC

An excerpt from the Unix System Administration Handbook

List of Unix daemons

Greek Daemons

Daemon definitions and meaning

What are Daemons?

Demons, Daemons and Daimons


Daemon Computer Fact for Kids


BBC Basics

Teach kids to code with BBC basic

Write games for BBC Micro

BBC Micro history

Microcomputer History

BBC Micro Games Archive

go to statement

The BBC Basic entry at Rosetta Code

The BBC Basic editor

BBC micro bot website

BBC Basic tutorial

The Small Internet

Rawtext website

small pubnixes


What is SSH?

Command Line Program Definition

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Perfect time to revisit IRC

Online Communities for kids

Safe online communities for kids

Also In The April 2021 Issue

Are you an avid bird watcher and/or interested in nature conservation? Then the ebird app may be perfect for you!

Learn how you can trace the origins of pixel art all the way back to the mid-1800s!

Learn how to use conditional statements to generate different emojis!

Quantum experiments, ripples and particle waves! Get ready to learn more about the weird world of quantum physics!

No need to douse your computer in holy water, these daemons are friendly!

Learn how Limor Fried turned her tinkering hobby into a multi-million dollar company!

What is a qbit and how can it potentially change the world? Find out as we explore quantum computing!

An interview with the creator of the small internet community!

Complete your at-home art museum experience by creating a tour!

Class is back in session and this time we will be learning the basics of soldering!

Learn how our ancestors calculated complex problems prior to modern computing technology!

Interesting stories about computer science, software programming, and technology for April 2021.

Links from the bottom of all the April 2021 articles, collected in one place for you to print, share, or bookmark.