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Donnie Ray Jones on Flickr

The Deluxe Dessert Generator

Python String join() Method

Why is .join() faster than += in Python

why you should use python generators


Elections and Strategic Voting – Condorcet and Borda

Voting Methods

Electoral Systems

The Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things?

How the Philips Hue Works

Future of IoT with kids

Biometric Scans

Fingerprint Scanners

Eye Scanners

The Future of Biometrics

Taking Fingerprints

History of Video Games

The Story of Shareware

The History of Shareware

How Floppy Disks Work

12 Greatest PC Shareware Games

Glitch Programming

Mozilla Developer Network

The Myth Busters Jr series of Glitch sites

Tutorial for building Twitch chat bots

Learn You Node tutorials for writing JavaScript-based servers

Combining Machine Learning and Music


Tutorial on x86-64 assembly language

Reading and coding in Arm

assembly programing for really old hardware

Clarissa’s GitHub repo

Meet Allie Weber

SparkFun Edge Development Board

SparkFun Edge Development Board

Tech-nic-Allie Speaking

Robot maker girl

Game of Life in Scratch

Game of Life in Scratch

Game of Life in TIC-80

A Turing machine in the Game of Life

Game of Life useful links

Stack Overflow thread about Rule 110, the 1D Turing complete automata

John Conway explains game of life

John Conway explains game of life

The Fibonacci Spiral


What is the Fibonacci Spiral?

Golden Ratio Coloring Book

Golden Ratio in Nature

Understanding the Fibonacci Spiral

Why does the Fibonacci spiral appear in nature?

Fibonacci sequence in music


The Utah Teapot

Utah Teapot

3D architecture

Utah Teapot explained

Utah Teapot Rendering Competition (TRC)

Martin Newell

Martin Newell’s drawing of the Utah Teapot

Van Allen Belt

Mona Kessel

Van Allen Probes Mission Overview

van allen probes

van allen probes mission

van allen mission coming to an end

NASA Van Allen probes discover PARTICLE HURRICANES

Clap Controlled Night Light

Adafruit circuit playground

How the clapper works

clap switch

Do it yourself clap switch

Circuit playground

Cartoon network projects

Python Squares and Patterns

hollow rectangle

star pyramid patterns

Bakura Binary Puzzle

Binary puzzles

Free printable puzzles

How to solve kakuro puzzles

Kakuro puzzles for kids

What is kakuro?

How kakuro puzzles work

Constructing STEM with microcomputers

computer kits for kids

Best coding toys

why learn to build a computer

What is STEAM?

Stem activities, elementary school