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Try Ruby is an online website that lets you — wait for it — try out the Ruby programming language. It’s a fun way to learn the basics of Ruby without the bother of checking to see if your computer has the language installed and configured. You can find the emulator at http://TryRuby.org.

Here’s how it works. Instructions (number 1 below) are on the left side of the screen. Type your Ruby commands in the interactive emulator on the right side of the screen, at the top (2). Clear, back, next, and other shortcuts are listed for reference at the bottom right (3).

The Default TryRuby.org Home Page

Try Ruby also is an example of an online language emulator. You can search online to see if there are emulators for other languages, for instance, Python, C++, or Lua. Try searching for the phrase [language name] language online emulator where [language name] is the language you want to find. The Code Monster article later in this magazine is an online emulator for JavaScript. Believe it or not, there’s an emulator for Assembly, one of the original programming languages.

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