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December 2017 News Wire

Andrew Magill on Flickr

What’s Inside All the iPhones?

Every wonder what’s inside an iPhone, or really any phone (since they do similar things)? Apple Inc has sold 1.2 billion iPhones in 15 different models before their current iPhone 8 and X releases. Bloomberg joined with iFixIt.com and a New York City phone repair shop to break down every iPhone model they could buy on eBay.


Games for people with disabilities

In the US alone, an estimated 33 million video gamers have at least one disability or another. For example, people with color blindness have a difficult time telling the colors red and green apart, colors often used in video games to identify characters or identify correct and incorrect choices. The “Star Wars Battlefront” game offers players multiple color choices, including one that works for people who are color blind. A British hardware company also makes one handed controllers as well as devices to convert head or leg motion into button presses and directional controls.


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