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Computer Coding Schools

This page strives to be a complete list of software programming coding schools. While most computer coding schools are online, a few offer real-world classes. For example, Code Fellows is a computer programming school in Seattle that currently guarantees you a job after you complete their courses.

How to select an online programming school? Teaching coding and computer science online has become a huge business. Some courses are free while others cost money. Paid courses often offer better quality and monthly fees can be a steal if you have time to take many courses from a single vendor. Also look for courses with lots of context around what you learn instead of simply typing and rote learning. If you want a career in programming, it’s also important to find courses that teach you all the skills involved in programming beyond learning one language, for example, how to use Git and similar tools.

Full disclosure: I’m fortunate to teach an obscure course on, one of the computer coding schools listed below, on the topic of coding HTML email.

Browse the list below to find the computer coding school that is right for you! For further assistance, contact us.

Berkeley Foundation for Opportunities in Information Technology

A computer science curriculum using the LOGO language to command a turtle. Requires a Java applet to run.

Code Avengers

Courses are free for registered teachers to use their materials to teach HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to their students.


Code Fellows

Based in Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon.


Video courses with tutor support for teachers, classes, and individuals.

Code School


An online university with a diverse range of classes, including computer science.,cs-systems,cs-ai,cs-theory


Delivers courses from nationally known universities, including computer science courses.


A social community around game design and development geared towards teachers and their students.

Hacker School

Based in New York City, teach projects not formal courses.

HTML5 Rocks

Teaches HTML5, a common foundation language used for games, mobile, and other applications.

JS Dares

Learn JavaScript programming by completing puzzles, or dares.

KT Byte

Based in Lexington, MA, near Boston, they offer automated online courses, web conference lessons, in person group lessons, and different levels of camps during the summer.

Learn the Hard Way

Their approach is less talk and more code. Primarily Python and Ruby courses with videos and texts. Also includes C, SQL, Command Line Interface (CLI), and Regex, the latter an extremely useful and interesting choice.


Learn JavaScript, Python, and Ruby languages in a simple two-part web browser interface, lessons on one side of the browser and a command line interface on the other side.


From the people down under who publish, a long time online resource for web technologies.

MIT Open Courseware

Courses on electrical engineering and computer science, as well as science, technology, and society.

Mozilla Thimble

Used by the Mozilla Summer Code Party program, and their Webmaker community, this simple editor and output screen helps teach HTML and CSS in real time.

Omaha Code School

Based in Omaha, Nebraska they offer training to build a job-ready skill set.

The Next Web Academy

O’Reilly School of Technology

From the technical book publishers, O’Reilly Media.

Pen and Paper CodingNew

Learn key ideas and concepts behind most programming languages. Shortens the learning curve when you learn a real language, plus makes it easier to learn multiple languages.



Courses focus on technologies for console (Ruby, Java, Python, C++, SQL, C#), web (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ajax, J2EE), mobile (Android, iOS), and rich media (Flash, Processing). Teach with exercises, examples, and awards.

Ruby for Kids

The Puzzle School

Provides a number of puzzles to solve, including puzzles to help teach software programming concepts.

Try Ruby

School for Poetic Computation

A different way to teach software programming.


Video courses in a wide range of programming, web design, and related topics. From Shutterstock, the stock photo resource.


HTML classes plus a 10-day email course.

Tech Kids UnlimitedNew

Geared towards teenagers with special needs, this New York City area program teaches hands on Photoshop, WordPress, animation, Illustrator, and other software in small groups and arranges internships.

Tech RocketNew

An online community with online courses for kids. Launched by the iDTech summer camp people. Was called iD Tech 365.

Turtle Academy

Create some amazing shapes with the LOGO language, a fairly easy way to get into coding with immediate results.


A diverse set of online video and text courses, including software programming, web design, web development, and mobile development. (software programming) (web design) (web development) (mobile development)


Free online college level courses with videos, text, and community interaction. Includes computer science, although there is not direct URL to those courses.


Diverse program to help computer science teachers with CS and programming curriculum.


A marketplace where experts teach their subject, including computer science and programming.

W3 Schools

Lists of Coding Education Opportunities

Coding Nation (Kapor Center)

A free report and spreadsheet with over 300 bootcamps, certifications, corporate-focused, and hackathons that teach coding.

EdSurge List of Course Vendors

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