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These projects mix science and technology in interesting ways. Sewing and electronics, for example, is a different way to learn about electronics.

An Intro to Sewing Circuits Affordably

Sewing and electronics make a fun mix and engage people who otherwise might be overwhelmed or not interested in technology projects. Colleen Graves and her husband, Aaron, created The Big Book of Maker Space Projects which includes a number of sewing projects. Colleen also has written on her website lots of details and links about her experiences, what worked and didn’t work. If you’re interested, these links are a great place to start.

Light Painting

Painting with LED lights and a camera can produce beautiful photographs of motion and teach the physics of objects in motion. The only difficult part of this project might be finding a camera that lets you set F-stop, ISO, and shutter speed settings. This project is fun because of all the things they photograph, from balls and tubes to bikes.

3D Selfies

While not a hands-on project, having a 3D scan and model might be a thought provoking experience. Dress as you want, show up, then stand in a position for a few minutes as a scanner moves around you. This might be a fun idea to capture yourself at different ages. Available worldwide.

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Sewing Circuits Affordably

Light Painting

3D Selfies


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These projects mix science and technology in interesting ways. Sewing and electronics, for example, is a different way to learn about electronics.

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