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DaPuglet on Flickr

Buildings That Bounce

What are auxetics?

Auxetics definition


Auxetics applications and possibilities

Negative Poisson Ratio

Dr Tatheer Zahra

tatheer-zahra profile

Running shoe material inspires building protection

Auxetics: Don’t Pull Me, I’ll Get Fatter

Auxetic Smart Structures

Clothes That Grow


Social Media and peace education

Social Media and Conflict Prevention

From Victims to Peacebuilders

Peacecaster Empowering Teens

United Nations Peacebuilding

The Role of Youth in Peacebuilding

Gender and Youth Promotion Initiatives

What is Peacebuilding?

Youth, Peace & Security

Social Media as a Tool for Peacebuilding

Social Media for Peace

Peace and Youth

Partly Uploaded with a Chance of Storage

What is Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Facts for Kids

Types of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing: How It All Works

Cloud Computing: CNBC Explains

Who Coined Cloud Computing?

History of Cloud Computing

Cloudflare’s description of the cloud, including the name origin

What is a network diagram?

Hotel Iot

Enabling Smart Hotels of the Future

Hospitality Technology

Robots in Hotels

Robots in the Hospitality Industry

Now Hiring: Robots Welcome to Apply

Robots Filling Staffing Shortages

Robot Room Service

Hospitality Goes Hi-Tech

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hotel Robots

The Relay Robotics explanatory video

Language Lifeline

Polysynthetic Languages

What is Colonization?

Learn with Michif

WordWeaver Git Hub


Community Workshop by UBC Learning Circle


Read Along Audio Book

UN Language Digitization Initiative

Breath of Life

FirstVoices Keyboards and Apps

World Conference of indigenous Peoples

Interactive Fiction using Twine

Sample Story, The Library Book


Twine Documentation

What is Interactive Fiction?

Interactive Fiction: STEAM

Games Suitable for Children

Interactive Fiction in the Classroom

Top 50 IF Stories for Kids

Minecraft Deep Dive

Rustic waters modpack

How to install Rustic Waters

Rickrolling Fun with ffmpeg

ffmpeg tutorial

ffmpeg commands for beginners

Introduction to ffmpeg

Making ffmpeg easier


Generating a Color Palette

ffmpeg Fancy Filtering Examples

The origin of rickrolling

Computer Science Across the Globe

Computer Science Education is a Global Challenge

Building Skills for Life

Five destinations to pursue computer science

NC State first in Computer Science Education

STEM and Computer Science

Why High School Students should learn computer science

The Importance of Computer Science for High School Students

Linking Literacy and Computer Science

Computer Science Standards for Elementary

CS can help Africans develop skills for the future

Why is computer science education important?

Expanding Computer Science Education

ROT-13 Mini Micro


What is ROT-13?

ROT-13 Cipher

Numeric Codes

What is a substitution cipher?

Substitution Cipher video

Substitution Cipher Kids

ASCII codes


What is Unicode?

Unicode explained

Art with Fantasy Consoles

Tic 80

Commodore Vic 20

Lua Programming Language

What is Tic 80?

Tic 80 games using Javascript or Lua

Learning to program in Tic 80

Fantasy Video Game Console

Choosing a Fantasy Console

Getting Started with Open Source 3D Design


Blender on Steam

What is Blender?

Blender Free 3D animation software

What is Blender Used for?

Blender Simply Explained

Pros and Cons of Blender

All you need to know about Blender software

Blender facts for kids


What is FreeCAD?

CAD for kids

Best Child-Friendly CAD Tools


Data types

What are Data Types?

Data types

What is Erlang?

Erlang Programming Language

Introduction to Erlang

What is Boolean Data Type?


Composite Data Type

Array data structure

Data type facts for kids

Data type

A math dictionary for kids

Ethics and AI and Machine Learning

9 Steps to set boundaries for technology

8 Tips for setting technology boundaries

Setting and Keeping Technology Boundaries

Healthy Technology Use

Talking to your child about Internet Safety

Online Safety

Helping Kids Be Safe, Confident Online Explorers

Internet Safety Conversation Starters

Internet Safety for Kids

Internet Safety for Teenagers

Online Safety Advice for Teens 14+

Great Promise But Potential For Peril

AI Ethics

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Machine Ethics

Ethics in machine learning

Unethical Use of AI

Hubert Dreyfus’s views on artificial intelligence

Marvin Minsky

Ray Kurzweil

Carrots Library

AI Education for Young People

Ethics in AI

Teaching AI Ethics to Kids

AI Lessons for and From Younger generations

Conversational AI for Kids