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Shauna Hawkins

How Secure is Your Web Browser?

Panopticlick Website

Firefox Browser

Google Chrome Browser

Opera Browser

Bash Scripting with CLI


The command line has a programming language built into it so you can write programs that behave like the built in commands.

A long-form tutorial on bash scripting

Another longer guide to bash scripting

An alternative to bash

Robot Extensions


Use a Breadboard to Build an LED Circuit–mac-54746

Buttons and Switches

Paperclip and brad switch

Rock Paper Scissors

Ben Heck Show: Back to Basics Electronics Tutorials

Key skills like how not to fry your projects.

Micro:Bit Official Website

Where to get a Micro:Bit

Modeling the U.S. Flag

10 SketchUp Tips Every Modeler Should Know

Master SketchUp


SketchUp Artists

Meriame Berboucha: Sharing Science

Meriame Berboucha

Meriame Berboucha’s science communication blog

Science Mixtape show

Fashion + Tech Kits

TechnoChic kits

ThinkGeek Space Skirts

Adafruit Patch kit

StitchKit on IndieGogo

5 Fashion Tech Blogs to follow

Electronics Projects for Dummies

No one who reads this magazine is a dummy, but this Dummies website has a great step-by-step set of tutorials for a coin toss circuit that also teaches the process of designing and building electronics projects.

Minecraft Mods

How to install mods

Biomes O’Plenty




The Twilight Forest

The Betweenlands

Book Ciphers

Beale Cipher

Ciphers from the American Revolution

The Book Cipher Algorithm

Dijkstra’s Algorithm

Computerphile Video Tutorial: Dijkstra’s Algorithm

Detailed (but accessible) article about the technical details behind Dijkstra’s algorithm

Article about graph representation

Pseudocode for Dijkstra’s algorithm

Python code for Dijkstra’s algorithm

The New Version of Scratch

3 Things to know about Scratch 3

Scratch 3.0 Wiki

CoderDojo Guide to Scratch 3

Remote Control Turtles






What to do about Fortnite?

Fortnite: a parent’s guide

7 things parents need to know about fortnite,review-5552.html

A Realistic Parents Guide to Fortnite: Battle Royale

TIC-80 Project


Cute video tutorial on waveforms

TIC-80 documentation and tutorials

Lambda Calculus

A technically heavy but concise introduction

A very light metaphoric way of doing lambda calculus computations

The wiki entry on the lambda calculus is actually really helpful

Coding Mistakes

Exception Handling in Python

Tips for better programming

How to choose variable names

Installing urllib2 package in PyCharm

Free Python IDEs

Wolf, Goat, Cabbage

Logic Problems for Kids

The Case of the Stolen Birthday Cake

Wonderful elaborate logic puzzle with handouts.

Alcuin’s Puzzles

A Guide to Puzzle-Based Learning in STEM Subjects

Pages 20 onward have a number of logic puzzles with solutions.

Recreational Mathematics

This book excerpt has a neat history of math puzzles.

Coding is Good Review

Coding Is Good iOS App

More about MathAndCoding

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Also In The October 2018 Issue

Logic puzzles help develop reasoning skills useful for programming, computer science, and anything you might do.

Find perfect and fun gifts for your loved ones that teach STEAM concepts and skills.

From light-up bow-ties to conductive thread, you’ll be the life of the party with this STEAM-inspired gear.

A free online test service reveals how much personal data your web browser is giving away.

Add more tools to your command line arsenal, including running mini-scripts and making backup copies.

Use switches to take your robotic creations to the next level.

An old classic with a electronic twist, featuring JavaScript and micro:bit.

Create the American flag in SketchUp using this detailed tutorial.

From lasers to supernovas, Berboucha is making science communication a priority.

Code can always be improved. Check out these tips to make you the best programmer you can be!

It’s a programming language unlike any you’ve seen before. Check out this symbolic system designed for mathematical calculations.

New, improved, faster, and sleeker - it’s Scratch 3, your new favourite block language!

Learn about the brilliant algorithm behind all of your GPS devices.

It’s free, comprehensive, and available on-the-go. This cool app helps you master Python faster than ever before.

Open up whole new worlds to explore through these interesting, diverse add-ons.

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Interesting stories about computer science, software programming, and technology for October 2018.