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News Wire Stories for September 2013


Think web browsing has hit a wall? Futureful's design-led approach proves otherwise

New application helps you browse and discover web content without visiting the same content twice. Plus save stories to Pocket, another app useful for saving stories to read offline at your convenience.

Devices Connect with Borrowed TV Signals and Need No Power Source

Devices that can make wireless connections even without an onboard battery could spread computing power into everything you own.

Buying 120,000 Twitter Accounts Reveals New Way to Block Spam

Researchers spent $5,000 buying Twitter accounts from spammers in an attempt to learn how to outwit them.

The Paradox of Wearable Technologies

Can devices like Google Glass augment our activities without ­distracting us from the physical world?

From House Elves to Hunger Games: Labor Issues in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Most sci-fi — at least most good sci-fi — is a metaphor for something that’s happening, or has happened, in the real world: war, inequality, fear of the “other.” And yes, every so often, labor issues.

Visualize London's Underground With This Mesmerizing Interactive 3-D Map

Invent to Learn

Using technology to make, repair, or customize the things we need brings engineering, design, and computer science to the masses. Fortunately for educators, this maker movement overlaps with the natural inclinations of children and the power of learning by doing.

Debugging Modern Web Applications: Part 1

Good overview of the debugging process for web applications using the Chrome web browser tools.

Swimming Robot Tested for Billion-Mile Trip to Saturn Moon

Where do you get a robot ready to visit a lake a billion miles away?

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