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Become a Vault Hunter

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Modpacks for Minecraft can breathe new life into the game, but they can also have their fair share of problems. For instance, it’s great fun to pick out a modpack that’s stuffed to the brim with mods… but when you actually load into it, you’re totally lost and don’t know where to start?

Vault Hunters is a modpack that aims to change this. When you start up the game, barely any of the mods included within the pack are activated. In fact, from the start, the game feels very similar to vanilla Minecraft.

Crystal Clear

The key with Vault Hunters is what gives it its name. Deep within the earth are special crystals and blocks added by the mod. The blocks will help you create a portal, and the crystals let you attune to one of the randomly generated vaults in the modpack. Once you have both, use the crystal on the portal, and you’re raiding a vault.

Vaults are divided into different rooms. Each room is presented as a different miniature biome. One room might be based on a jungle theme, another may have a futuristic factory look, and others may have villages you can trade among. Each room is connected by a tunnel that creates the maze of a vault.

But there’s no time to stop and smell the flowers. Every time you enter a vault, a timer starts ticking down. You have to go in, explore as much as you can, and get back out again before time runs out.

And, trust me, there’s a lot to explore. Scattered around the vault are chests full of valuable loot.

However, they’re also guarded by monster spawners that will protect the goods as best as they can. On top of that, every vault has an objective that you can try to complete as you go through the vault. If you can’t get them all done, don’t fret; you can always leave through the portal you came in on to finish the run.

Heals and Helps

Once you escape, the game will tally up all your experience points gained from killing monsters and any objectives met. This is important because Vault Hunters also features skills you can use both in the Overworld and in the vaults themselves. This includes a heal, which is very important, given how you can’t heal using food in the vaults.

In your quests within the vault, you’ll also come across knowledge. This can be used in a research table that unlocks other modpacks. As such, unlocking all the mods in the mod pack is tied to how well you perform in the vault. Adding a robust party system that lets you explore vaults with friends and Vault Hunters offers an interesting twist on how modpacks work.

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