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Minecraft Papercraft

Olabi Makerspace on Flickr

Have you ever made something out of paper before? We don’t mean writing or drawing; we mean actually folding the paper so that it forms shapes and figures. You may have seen the paper art of Origami before, where artists can create intricate shapes using only paper.

The great thing about Minecraft is that it has a very recognizable blocky art which is simple to recreate in paper form. Box-based shapes are easy to build using paper, so Minecraft naturally lends itself very well to this art medium. If you like, you can make entire Minecraft scenes in real life from papercraft alone!

If you’re feeling brave, you can try creating the papercraft yourself. Take a look at the in-game model of what you want to make, and try to remake it in real life. This allows you to decorate the model as you please, so you can remix and remake the characters as you please!

If you don’t like the idea of building your own papercraft from the ground up, don’t worry! There are resources on the internet you can use to download templates for papercraft. All you need to do is download the image, print it off, then fit it together for a Minecraft model in real life!

Pixel Papercraft is a great site to do just that. If you visit their main site, then click “Browse Designs” at the top of the page, you’ll see every monster and character in Minecraft that you can make. Each character has multiple models created by different people, so if you find one too hard, you can try someone else’s instead!

Pixel Papercraft also contains paper models of things that appear in mods, too! If you like the animals in Mo’ Creatures mod, you can find a wide selection of them ready to be made in the tag for it.

Even better, if you want to make a model of your own character, the site supports that as well! Just click the “Generators” button at the top and you’ll be taken to a selection of different models you can try. Upload your skin into the generator, and the site will give you a template to create your character in real life!

When you go to print the models, try to get a quite thick paper into the printer. The regular paper could work, but you may find it’s a bit flimsy. By getting thicker printer paper, you can make the model more rigid and able to stand on its own. Don’t get paper that’s too thick, though, or else you’ll find it hard to fold!

Once you’ve printed out the model, cut it out using scissors or get an adult to use a cutting knife. Then you can fold along the black lines and stick the tabs to the inside of the model using glue. If you’ve never built a paper model before, we’ve included a handy guide in the additional links to help you get started!

Always remember, if you’re really struggling to get something done, it’s worth asking an adult to help you out. This goes double if you’re having issues with cutting the paper, as you could get a nasty cut if you’re not careful. Who knows, the adults may even help you build a fun Minecraft setting with creatures of their own!

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