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Insane Minecraft Modpack

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How do you decide on a modpack when your builder friend wants cool decorative blocks, your tech friend wants to run a small computer in-game, and your magic friend wants to cast spells and tame dragons? Easy—you get MC Eternal. This modpack ticks every box, featuring magic,
dragons, vampires, different realms, tech, house-building blocks, and even cooking.

Because it packs in so much, the developers recommend you allocate at least 8GB of RAM to MC Eternal. But if you have over 8GB, this makes a great modpack for someone who wants a bit of everything.
If you like the sciences, MC Eternal features ways to generate electricity, from engines to nuclear power. You can use this electricity to power miners that scan the earth and automatically pull ore from the ground, machines that craft items for you, and even power suits.

The modpack also includes Advanced Rocketry for accessing specific realms. Hop on a rocket and fly off to the moon, or any of three other realms you can only get to on the back of a rocket ship. There are plenty of realms in addition to the ones you can explore via rocket. You can visit Ratlantis, the Twilight Forest, Midnight, and even procedurally created realms via dimension doors.

Want magic? MC Eternal has it by the boatload. From Thaumcraft to Astral Sorcery, there are plenty of spells to learn and lots of ways to do it. Fancy doing things around the house? Pam’s HarvestCraft and Pam’s Cookables give you a full kitchen suite and a bunch of food recipes. Chisel, combined with Chisel & Bits, makes it easy to craft all kinds of fancy designs.

Sounds like a lot to navigate, right? Fortunately, MC Eternal comes with a quest book. This will guide you through the modpack, giving you a route through which you can progress depending on the specialty you want to focus on. These quests give you rewards, as well, with lots of fun items up for grabs. Give it a spin and see where you can explore.

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