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June 2019 News Wire

SparkFun Electronics on Flickr

Speedgate: A Sport Created by AI

Surely all possible sports have been created: soccer, football, volleyball, lacrosse, rugby, baseball, cricket, the list is endless. College students also play Quidditch, from Harry Potter! A marketing company, however, taught an artificial intelligence (AI) the rules for 400 sports then asked their AI to come up with a new game. Speedgate was the most interesting, with a few small changes by its humans. With six players on each of two sides, the game is fun, fast, and physical, relying heavily on teamwork and passing to score and win.


Someone Built a Lasagna PC

Why not build a computer out of pasta? Micah Laplante took an old notebook computer, pulled it apart, then put the internals inside dry lasagna noodles hot glued together to create a computer made out of lasagna. There’s no sausage or tomato sauce, of course, because electronics don’t do well with moisture. But there is creative use of ziti noodles for spacers! Laplante proves nothing is impastable.


Why Nasa Wants You to Photograph Trees

Nasa’s ICESat-2 satellite calculates the height of trees from space and needs help from people on the ground to confirm the accuracy of its measurements. Every second the satellite orbits the earth it shoots 60000 pulses of light at the earth’s surface. The satellite measures the health of the world’s forests and how much carbon trees soak up. All you need to help is a smartphone, the Nasa GLOBE Observer app, a tree, and a tape measure if you have one.


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