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Erase All Kittens

Screen Shot from Erase All Kittens

A shiny new version of Erase All Kittens — a web browser based Mario-like game that also teaches kids HTML coding — was recently launched. In the game, you help Arca save the internet by rescuing kitten gifs, running bouncing and leaping through different puzzles while using HTML to to fix parts of the game to get to new levels. It’s all very clever, silly, and serious fun. The game has a distinct visual design and storytelling style. It’s also a great example how solving a problem — how to teach coding, especially to engage girls — can include clever design.

The game is played in 146 countries. 55% of players are girls but anyone can play and have fun saving kittens. Play the free demo or pay £4 (about $4.87 USD) to get the full game and new levels. There’s also an education version with lesson plans.

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Erase All Kittens


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