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Dash and Dot Robots Projects

The Dash and Dot robots can be programmed with Blockly, a fairly easy language to master like Scratch. With Blockly you create a step, for example, play a sound, then define the sound as a lion roar. Or create a step and move the robot 10 spaces backwards. The combination of steps determines how the robot will move, when it will move, and what it will do.

There are a number of projects the Wonder Workshop group has collected on their website. If you have Dash and Dot, these might fun projects to try.

Interactive Art

Take about 30 minutes to set up dominoes, Jenga blocks, and other materials to create artwork. Then use Blockly to program the Dash and Dot robots so they don’t blunder through your artwork and knock everything over.

Robot Filmmaker

If you have a smartphone with video capability, you can attach a smartphone mount to Dash then program Dash to shoot video from its point of view. Plan ahead to have Dash run around and shoot video to tell a story.

Robo Bowling

Use painter’s tape to create a grid to set up your pins. Then use the Blockly app to program the Dash and Dot robots to either not knock down all your pins or to knock them all down.

Dash’s Cleanup Challenge

Okay this project sounds like a sneaky parent trying to make cleaning up a room fun, like accidentally slipping vegetables into a milkshake when you make one. But you can add a bulldozer bar to Dash then program it to move around a room and push anything on the floor into a designated area. That might be fun for awhile. And it might be a good excuse to make a mess in your room.

Duck Duck Goose with Dot

With family or friends, program Dot to move around the room and pick Duck Duck Goose. Watch everyone scatter as Dot moves around. Add lights and animal sounds for more fun.

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