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Steven Lilley on Flickr

You might not think of cookies when you think of the internet, unless you’re in search of recipes or a place to buy them. However, cookies are a critical part of how we use web sites connected by the internet.

Imagine if you had to log in every time you visited a page on a secure website. It might drive you to eat many more cookies.

The website cookie, unlike the kind you eat, holdss information that makes it possible to visit page after page on a secure website. How? By keeping track of information, for example, maybe your name and a unique identifier number. Every time a website needs this information, who you are and if you’re allowed to see a web page, your cookie is used instead of asking you to login. A cookie is a tiny text file or data stored in the web browser memory (called a session cookie).

You can find and look at the cookies your web browser holds. The online version of this article has lots of links and information about where to find and see the cookies in your web browser.

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