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Citizen Science Projects

Barney Moss on Flickr

While it’s easy to leave science to scientists and experts, it’s also easy to forget we live in the natural world of trees, lakes, rocks, flowers, and much more. Citizen science projects are a fun way for schools, families, community groups, and individuals to contribute hands on to science and our understanding of the natural world.

All you need is a smartphone, time, and an internet connection to research possible projects. Scientists post their projects and use data collected by non-scientists for their research. For example, NASA has a citizen science project asking people to take pictures of trees from the ground so one of their satellites orbiting the earth can correctly calculate the number of trees on our planet. Turns out their satellite can count trees but can’t calculate the height of trees.

If you’re interested, here are several places to start your search for a fun project. Definitely search online for the terms citizen science and maybe add your country name to these terms to find local opportunities.

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