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Why Do Designers Hate Comic Sans?

Comic Sans

Vince Connare

Why Comic Sans

Connare’s history of creating Comic Sans

Fonts Included in Microsoft Products

Dezeen Interview with Vincent Connare

Higgs Boson Announcement Made in Comic Sans

Pope Benedictus XVI Tribute

His resignation letter is on page 61 of this document, published in Comic Sans.

Why You Hate Comic Sans

Excellent and detailed technical description of the problems with Comic Sans, with an emphasis on lost kitten posters.

What is wrong with Comic Sans?

What’s So Wrong with Comic Sans?

Can Anything Save Comic Sans, the World’s Most Hated Font?

Not My Type: Why the Web Hates Comic Sans

New Study Explains Why Comic Sans Font So Hilarious

From The Onion, with cheap shots at WingDings and Papyrus tossed in.,21202/

Comic Sans Cartoon

Comic Sans Criminal

Ban Comic Sans Website

Top 10 Most Notoriously Hated Fonts

There is Nothing Wrong with Comic Sans

The one site I found which supported the font.

Comic Sans

Try out the font with your own words and phrases at My Fonts.

Letterform (Wikipedia)

Typography (Wikipedia)

Felt Tip Roman Font

CrimeFighter BB Font

A great source for informal handwritten comic book fonts better designed than Comic Sans.

Variables, Constants, and Data Types

Pen and Paper Coding

Erik Linde

The 10 Principles of Good Web Design for Developers

Mitch Boyer

The Flatiron School

The 10 Principles of Good Web Design for Developers

Dieter Rams

An Interview with Joe Dytrych and Dee Saigal, Creators of Erase All Kittens

Erase All Kittens

Drum Roll HQ

Joe Dytrych

Dee Saigal

Learn Typography Online

The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst

Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton

Skillshare Typography Courses

Typography That Works: Typographic Composition and Fonts

A free basic typography course on Skillshare taught by Ellen Lupton. Typography Courses

HackDesign (Typography in Practice, and Where to Go From Here) (Dive into Typography)


For best results, click the Keyboard Shortcuts tab top right to learn the correct way to play the game.


Maggie Appleton

Letterform (Wikipedia)

Typography (Wikipedia)

Help Build Applications Online Website Meta Pages

This URL lets you see how Assembly manages its own business using the website.

Swift Programming Language


Swift Inspirations (Bret Victor) (Bret Victor)

Why Apple's Swift Language Will Instantly Remake Computer Programming

Why Coders Are Going Nuts Over Apple's New Programming Language

The One Last Thread Holding Apple and Google Together

Describes how Google and Apple both use LLVM to run apps on their operating systems.

Building Your First Swift App

Introduction to the Swift Programming Language

Swift Tutorial: A Quick Start

6 Best Free Swift Tutorials for Apple's New Programming Language



Cocoa Touch

50 Tools and Resources for Swift Programming

Design Patterns and Anti-Patterns

Software Design Patterns

Software Design Anti-Patterns

Model-View-Controller Pattern

Design Patterns

Code Golf


Probably a great place to start with Java and Python problems. Includes a box to type in your solution plus answers and link to help with relevant parts of each language.

Code Golf (Wikipedia)

Anarchy Golf: All Problems

Problems in many different languages. You can upload your solution for a score.

StackExchange Code Golf

These problems are considered off-topic but easily found with the code-golf tag.

Reddit Code Golf

What Code Golf Taught Me about Python

By Louis Brandi, provides some insights into the strengths and limits of code golf.

Programming and Logic Puzzles

Beyond code golf are sites with lots of programming problems to test your skills and knowledge, for beginners to expert coders.

Squeezing a playable chess program into 487 bytes

And beyond programming problems to test your skills are big problems like coding entire applications in the smallest amount of code possible. Here’s a chess program written in 1-2 kilobytes (your average video game is tens of megabytes in size, if not bigger).

Online Security Tips

How to Keep Your Personal Information Secure (US FTC)

Internet Fraud (

National Cyber Security Alliance

Be Safe on the Internet

The secret to staying safe online (BBC)

How to Make Your Entire Internet Life More Secure in One Day

How to Stay Secure Online

9 Things You Absolutely Must Do to Keep Your Online Identity Secure

Tips to Protect Yourself from Online Fraud

Secure Your Online Accounts by Removing Third Party App Access

Includes links to Google, Dropbox, and other services.

Google Android Device Manager

Windows Find My Phone Service

How to Keep Your Business Information Secure

Survey: Hardly Anybody Uses a Password Manager








10 Million Passwords

Today I am Releasing 10 Million Passwords

The Strange Case of Barrett Brown

Adding 105 Charges Against Barrett Brown

Facebook Now Actively Seeks Password Leaks to Protect its Users

Mary Glendening Talks about Library Makerspaces as Community Technology Centers

Mary Glendening


Middletown Free Library

Library Services and Technology Act


Squishy Circuits

Paper Circuits

3D Systems MakerLab Club

littleBits Korg Synth Kit

Our Makerspace Journey

Another makerspace journey, from a school in Tampa, Florida

Paul Gentile & Soldering Sundays Minecraft Circuits in Real Life kits

Makerspaces and the Participatory Library

Technology Training and Libraries

Also In The April 2015 Issue

Why Do Designers Hate Comic Sans?

The history of the font and the reasons people hate Comic Sans are great ways to learn about typography.

Learn Typography Online

Learn typography online and practice basic typography skills.

The 10 Principles of Good Web Design for Developers

Design basics for developers who do not have a designer around to say "no comic sans!"

Mary Glendening Talks about Library Makerspaces as Community Technology Centers

Librarian Mary Glendening describes how they created their library makerspace.

An Interview with Joe Dytrych and Dee Saigal, Creators of Erase All Kittens

Learn how two people created a fun online game to teach HTML and CSS.


Apple's new Swift programming language is an interesting language to study and learn, plus an opportunity to watch a new language evolve.

A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.

Online Security Tips

How to create secure passwords, manage your email accounts, securely backup data, and more.

April 2015 News Wire

Interesting stories about computer science, software programming, and technology.

April 2015 Learn More Links

Links from the bottom of all the April 2015 articles, collected in one place for you to print, share, or bookmark.

Code Golf

Problems software programmers can do to practice their skills, from beginner to advanced.

Design Patterns and Anti-Patterns

How programmers use design patterns and anti-patterns to develop software.

Help Build Applications Online

This website lets anyone practice their coding and design skills.