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April 2014 News Wire

Miguel Pires de Rosa on Flickr

Pi Day: pi transformed into incredible art — in pictures

The Time I Thought Tao Lin Was A Robot

Adding Coding to the Curriculum

Doodleborg: A 3 horse-power Tank

How Etsy Attracted 500 Percent More Female Engineers

Designer-Developer Ellom Quist on Adinkra Symbols

Quist has translated evocative symbols from Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire into web font icons, as part of the Noun Project.

AfriCoderDojo – Nigeria Mentor Diary

A short diary describing the challenges and pleasures of having a CoderDojo meeting with kids in Lagos, Nigeria.

Thinking with Things

A book excerpt about the design challenges for genomics, robotics, the Internet of Things, and the Industrial Internet of Things.

Human brain now registers smiley face emoticon as real facial expression

Tynker Now on iPad

The visual programming online application used in schools now has an iPad version for use at home.

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