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Writing for beanz

A few times a year, we do look at writer portfolios to find writers to submit single articles or become contributing or staff writers. Many of our writers are STEAM teachers who use article writing as a way to explore and understand their teaching practice.

We currently have one Contributing Writer spot open, asking people to write 3-6 articles a year on a specific topic area.

    • We’re also looking for a STEAM teacher in a US Title 1 school to write about how technology is used in their school with their kids, what works and doesn’t work.

    We do not read article pitch ideas, sorry. There’s way too many people spamming us to post their article to get them traffic. Instead, we’d rather meet teachers, librarians, technology journalists, and technologists who find our magazine interesting and useful and want to contribute. Put another way, there’s a lot of liars on the internet, go figure. :-)

    For any writer contacting us, we don’t consider emails without a bare URL to their portfolio. Click here links from unknown senders can be dodgy. We’re also looking for writers who understand kids and have a kid-like attitude about technology and life.