Bakuro puzzles are a fun way to learn about binary numbers and how to calculate their values.

How science and tech led to an exciting discovery in one of the most dangerous areas of space.

Learn how rockets may soon be able to refuel in 0G. Next stop: Mars!

Create a dynamic optical illusion in SketchUp.

Create colourful geometric patterns in SketchUp inspired by the Great Mosque of Cordoba.

Resources to help you master programming without breaking the budget.

Throwing your old tech in the trash is bad for the environment. Check out some safer, cleaner alternatives.

Create the American flag in SketchUp using this detailed tutorial.

Use SketchUp to recreate the famous optical illusion that grows and shrinks people around the room.

Unleash your inner digital chef through this simple (but mouth-watering) Python activity.

Use SketchUp to create dizzying patterns and shapes, Escher-style.

Who chooses new emojis? And what’s coming in the next batch?

Slice digital photos into pieces and have fun pasting them back together.

Use SketchUp to create your own 3D cereal box, complete with designs and colours.

Learn about the origin of Unix time, the calendar system used by digital devices.

With binary search, you don’t have to be a mind reader to beat this simple coding activity.

This introductory SketchUp tutorial skills teaches you how to design 3D boxes with flair.

Create illuminating art with micro:bit

Create turtles with Python, the programming language.

Use micro:bit to water your plants!

The micro:bit is a not too expensive board that lets you easily build projects to learn about computing.

A fun way to learn basic electronics and coding with Python but minus the old rotting hat.

Here's a fun game you can create with Scratch2 that draws geometric shapes!

This project creates a math quiz to test your multiplication and division skills.

This is a great project for a morning or afternoon. Plus you will have a board game to play when you're done.