Coding With Hydra

Looking for a way to liven up your coding sessions? Check out our Hydra workshop!

Choose Software to Code With

Learn about some of the different tools used by programmers.

Computers and Pronouns

Check out how scientists are using the Winograd Schema Challenge to make smarter computers!

Code Trees with Pyret

Why find the perfect Christmas tree when you can make it?

Scratch Fractured Fairy Tales

Join us for the next installment of our Fractured Fairy Tales Scratch series!

Code with Pics in Pyret

Meet Pyret! Pythons colorful and graphically based cousin!

Fractured Fairy Tales, Part 2

Time for lesson two on how to make a fairy tale in Scratch!

Open Source Projects

Looking to put your programming skills to the test? It may be time to join an open-source project!

Get Started with Pico Boards

An introduction to using MicroPython with Pico Boards!

Why Don’t Food and Good Rhyme?

English is a difficult quirky language to learn. Noah Text patterns help people learn English more easily.

Create Simple Electronic Perfboard

Keep developing your soldering skills with this fun activity!

Unbreakable Random Codes

Do you have a secret you want to pass to your friend? Try using a 'one time pad' code!

Create Music with Estuary

Learn how to make music and videos with your friends using Estuary!

Geocache on Mars

Geocaching is a fun activity here on Earth. Now you can geocache on Mars. And the International Space Station.

CodeGuppy Smiley Project

Use CodeGuppy to write, learn from, and improve your coding with this simple exercise!

Create Scratch Backgrounds

Love pixel art? Why not try making some of your own!

Solving Tiny Problems

Computing can help teach problem solving skills. Here's one way to help students and your kids to become critical thinkers.

Internet Over Radio

In the time before WIFI there was Amateur Radio. Get your call signs ready!

Manipulate Photos in Python

Learn how to edit your photos in fun and weird ways with Python!

How to Solder LEDs

New project alert! This time we are building transistors, a critical piece of any modern electronic device!

The Imposters Among Us

Using the game Among Us to teach students about critical thinking both online and offline.

Make Pixel Art

Make your own pixel art masterpiece with this tutorial!

The Emoji Generator

Learn how to use conditional statements to generate different emojis!

The Double Slit Experiment

Quantum experiments, ripples and particle waves! Get ready to learn more about the weird world of quantum physics!

Daemons in my PC

No need to douse your computer in holy water, these daemons are friendly!

What is Quantum Computing?

What is a qbit and how can it potentially change the world? Find out as we explore quantum computing!

BBC Basic

Diving into this issues 40-year old featured language: BBC Basic!

Tour Your Art Museum!

Complete your at-home art museum experience by creating a tour!

Changing Bases

Welcome to the far away land of the Ein Lifon where the number of appendages you have changes how you count!

Prime Numbers

Learn how asymmetric encryption and prime numbers help keep you safe online!