Projects and Puzzles

Fun activities to provide hands on experience with computer science and programming.


Put the digital world aside and go back to the days of analog circuits with this cool open source application.

Citizen Science Projects

Explore the world, spend time with family and friends, and shed some light on the secrets of nature!


Practical resources and tips to get kids engaged in STEAM from an early age.

Paper Games

Take a step away from the screen and let your imagination run wild with pen & paper.

Bakuro Binary Number Puzzles

Bakuro puzzles are a fun way to learn about binary numbers and how to calculate their values.

Chinese New Year Lantern

Celebrate Lunar New Year with your own custom-built lantern, complete with LEDs and micro:bit!

TIC-80 Maps and Music

Add multimedia & more to your fantasy computer game to make it cooler than ever.

Triangle Generator

A simple coding activity to create triangles in all shapes and sizes.

Sphero Light Chaser

Meet BOLT, Sphero’s newest robot equipped with ambient light sensors.

Monty Hall Problem

Two doors hide a zonk, and one door hides a prize. Can probability & statistics help you pick the right one?

Wolf, Goat, Cabbage

Logic puzzles help develop reasoning skills useful for programming, computer science, and anything you might do.

TIC-80 Project

Create a fun adventure game with sprites using a retro fantasy computer.

Remote Controlled Turtles

Some fun Python code that introduces you to the arcane world of event handling.


Real life treasure hunts are a way to get outdoors, learn map skills, and have fun finding hidden caches near you.

Fantasy Computers and TIC-80

A fun introduction to programming games with fantasy computers. The 70s and 80s are back in style!

Maze-Solving Algorithms

Stuck in a maze? Not anymore! Here are tips and tricks for beating the most convoluted labyrinths.

Godot 3

It’s free, open source, and comes with a snazzy graphics and physics engine for both 2D and 3D games.

How to Solve Rubik’s Cube

A quick introduction to one of the world’s most fascinating puzzle toys.

See the Light!

Create illuminating art with micro:bit

Thirsty Plants Love micro:bit!

Use micro:bit to water your plants!

Designing a Programming Language: Part II

In this installment, learn about how programming languages are designed.

How to Create a Chat Bot

This tutorial shows how to create a chat bot that plays hangman.

Get Started with Scratch

Scratch is a fun block-based programming language that's easy to learn once you understand the basics.

Create a Basic Substitution Cipher Code

A substitution cipher is an easy way to begin learning about how to use and make secrete codes.

Your First Sewing Machine

The humble sewing machine can be a great first step to fun maker projects. Here's how to get started!

What’s a micro:bit?

The micro:bit is a not too expensive board that lets you easily build projects to learn about computing.

Who Knew Turtles Can Draw?

Meet Thomas, a turtle who can help you draw stars with Python (not the snake!).

The Birthday Paradox

What are the odds two people in your classroom share a birthday? Much higher than you think!

Using Google Static Maps API

This project explores the basics of using Google's Static Map software to display your own maps.

Code Hangman Game in C#

Learn how to code the hangman game in C#. Includes link to full code.