Computer Programming Projects & Puzzles for Kids

At beanz magazine, we understand that everyone has a different learning style, which is why our subscription service caters to so many young minds. Our kids computer programming projects and puzzles are perfect for kinesthetic learners who have a passion for creating and problem solving.

A subscription to our computer science projects for kids means unlimited learning opportunities for everyone! Get the whole family involved and get ready to solve! Explore our site to read more about the advantages of our computer programming projects and puzzles for kids. As always, if you have any questions about our educational publication, don’t hesitate to contact the beanz magazine team.

3D Printing PPEs for Essential Employees

With shortages in PPE, the maker movement arrived to save the day!

Get Yourself into a Jam

Thinking about participating in a Game Jam? Here's some helpful tips and tricks!

What are the Odds?

Time to grab your favourite good luck charm and get ready for some high-stakes coding!

Makey Makey some Cool Projects

Find out how to blend the physical and digital worlds with a Makey Makey Circuit board!

Sailors, Coconuts, and a Monkey

Can you figure out how to divide up coconuts between a group of sailors and a monkey? This puzzle mixes math and coding. Plus you can go online to try the code yourself.

Binary Riddles

Binary might be the language of the computer, but we humans can use it to decode secret messages.

Bird House

A step-by-step tutorial to build your very own virtual bird house in SketchUp!

Algorithmic Music

Some digital tools to help you create your own unique, ever-changing symphony with nothing but some code and a computer!

Coding Critters

Ever wanted a cute, friendly pet? Now you can program your own!

Happy Numbers

Some numbers simply have a positive attitude. They're fun to play with.

Botley the Coding Robot

Teach kids basic coding skills by letting them program Botley to zoom around the room, draw shapes, and even avoid obstacles!

Getting Started with Roblox Studio

Learn how to start making 3D games on this cool platform with over ninety million users.


Put the digital world aside and go back to the days of analog circuits with this cool open source application.

Citizen Science Projects

Explore the world, spend time with family and friends, and shed some light on the secrets of nature!


Practical resources and tips to get kids engaged in STEAM from an early age.

Paper Games

Take a step away from the screen and let your imagination run wild with pen & paper.

Bakuro Binary Number Puzzles

Bakuro puzzles are a fun way to learn about binary numbers and how to calculate their values.

Chinese New Year Lantern

Celebrate Lunar New Year with your own custom-built lantern, complete with LEDs and micro:bit!

TIC-80 Maps and Music

Add multimedia & more to your fantasy computer game to make it cooler than ever.

Triangle Generator

A simple coding activity to create triangles in all shapes and sizes.

Sphero Light Chaser

Meet BOLT, Sphero’s newest robot equipped with ambient light sensors.

Monty Hall Problem

Two doors hide a zonk, and one door hides a prize. Can probability & statistics help you pick the right one?

Wolf, Goat, Cabbage

Logic puzzles help develop reasoning skills useful for programming, computer science, and anything you might do.

TIC-80 Project

Create a fun adventure game with sprites using a retro fantasy computer.

Remote Controlled Turtles

Some fun Python code that introduces you to the arcane world of event handling.


Real life treasure hunts are a way to get outdoors, learn map skills, and have fun finding hidden caches near you.

Fantasy Computers and TIC-80

A fun introduction to programming games with fantasy computers. The 70s and 80s are back in style!

Godot 3

It’s free, open source, and comes with a snazzy graphics and physics engine for both 2D and 3D games.

Maze-Solving Algorithms

Stuck in a maze? Not anymore! Here are tips and tricks for beating the most convoluted labyrinths.