Get Started with Roblox

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Create Music with Estuary

Learn how to make music and videos with your friends using Estuary!

CodeGuppy Smiley Project

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Fractured Fairy Tales in Scratch

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Manipulate Photos in Python

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Make Pixel Art

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The Emoji Generator

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Daemons in my PC

No need to douse your computer in holy water, these daemons are friendly!

BBC Basic

Diving into this issues 40-year old featured language: BBC Basic!

No Code Low Code

Low code and no code software makes it possible for non-technical people to create software.

Python Programming for Beginners

Learn how to program through a series of fun and dynamic activities in Patricia Foster's book!

Inform 7 Interactive Stories

Rediscover the fun of some of the first video games with Inform 7!


Meet lisp, one of the oldest and simplest families of programming languages out there!


Exploring another one of programmings many strange sounding but useful terms!

Roll a Story OOP

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Ethical Hacking

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STEAM Gift Guide for 2020

25+ ideas for STEAM-theme gifts for kids of all ages!

Roll a Story

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Round Robin Algorithm

How I solved Math Pentathlon scheduling with the round robin algorithm!

Minecraft EDU

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Love: a 2D Game Framework

Prepare to fall in LÖVE with this games-writing framework!

Circus Ball in SketchUp

The circus is in town, but they're missing one of their colourful balls. Let's make one for them!

Python Ciphers

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Lego Mindstorms and MicroPython

New to physical computing? MircoPython may be perfect or you!

How to Pick a Programming Language

Should you learn Python, Scratch, Java, Assembly? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by too many options, this article is here to help.

Python Mad Libs

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Programming 3D Art in Shadertoy

An easy way to code your own 3D graphics online. Dive into the world of pixels, triangles, textures, and colours!

Python Rainbow

Bring some colour to the console in this simple Python coding activity.

Racket Christmas Tree

Throw some festive ornaments on a virtual Christmas Tree in this fun introduction to functional programming.

Hello World! in 100 Programming Languages

"Hello World!" is one of the first programs you learn how to code. Here's the phrase in 4 languages with links to 100 more examples.