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A New Weapon in the Marine Trash War

This method of detecting marine waste is truly out of this world!

Computing at School

Looking for free computing resources for your classroom? Check out Computing at School!

On-the-Dot Bot

Never be late again with the help of this neat coding project!

Kevlar: It’s Everywhere!

From bulletproof vests to stronger tires, Kevlar is a really versatile material!

It’s Later than You Think

Time to learn how humans have kept track of time over the centuries

Wardle’s Wordle World

Check out how programmers are competing to make an even simpler Wordle!

Living and Learning with Moxie

Your dreams of having a robotic friend may be closer than you think!

Capturing Creativity with Retro Game Design

Learn how you can use retro game design to help kids embrace their creativity!

Make a Clock Timer

Make a kitchen timer with this quick coding lab!

Let’s Make Some Random Noise

Perlin noise is as random as it gets!

Own a Piece of the Internet

Leave your mark on the world wide web with your own website!


cURL up on the couch and check out this cool open-source tool!

Now Wait a Second!

You know leap forward and fall back, now add a little kick with a leap Second

Pet Tech Goes Off-Leash

Check out some of the cool tech being invented for pets!

Face It: We Love Our Emoji

Discover the true origins of the great poop emoji!

Computers are good at following instructions, but not at reading your mind.

Computers are good at following instructions, but not at reading your mind.

Gotta ‘Craft Them All!

Pokemon in Minecraft? Tell me more!

August 2022 Learn More Links

Collection of the Learnmore links from all of the August 2022 stories, in one place.

August 2022 News Wire

Interesting stories about computer science, software programming, and technology from August 2022.

VR is the Best Medicine

Check out some of the cool ways virtual reality is being used in medicine!

The Shifting Sands

A sandy problem requires a sandy solution!

It Takes All Kinds!

Discover your new favorite videogame!

An Apple a Day…

Use Mini Micro to quickly make a videogame!

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Not sure what you will do this summer? We have some ideas!

Print That!

The term "printing" in computing continues to evolve!

A Family Heirloom… Computer?

Join the movement that wants to extend the lifetime of computers!

Where in the World am I?

Check out our tips on how to max out your score in Geoguesser!

Back to the Stone Age

Go from the Stone age to the far future with this new Minecraft mod!

Let Them Play!

Learn about the 80/20 rule for play and creativity

Give it the Boot!

Who knew that computers even had boots?