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Your Parents Holiday Gifts

Enter the way back machine and learn about some of the toys that your parents may have grown up with!

Nature Gets a QR Boost

Meet the point where your love of hiking and technology meet.

Think Like a Computer

You don't need wires and circuits to learn to think like a computer

December 2022 NewsWire

A collection of interesting stories about technology and STEM for December 2022

CS Gains Ground in Africa

Learn how kids are falling in love with computer science in Africa

Add Styling and Multimedia to Twine Stories

Spice up your storytelling with these multimedia elements!

Tic-80 All Stars

No need for a telescope or a night sky for this stary night coding lab!

Algae Burger, with Extra Slime

Move over Krabby Paddy, algae burger is coming through!

How Does DALL-E Work?

AI-generated art can be truly bizarre, but how does it work?

Go Rogue with Minecraft Modpack

Show off your Minecraft fighting skills with these RAD mods


Learn the deceptively complex language that is binary code

High Tech Digs

Check out how archeologists are using satellites to help them undercover ancient wonders!

Together is Better

Take a bite out of this story on how technology is being used to help communities come together!

December 2022 Learn More Links

A collection of the Learnmore links from the December 2022 issue, all in one place, just for you.

Get Started with OpenSCAD 3D

Learn the basics of OpenSCAD 3D in this fun lab

Lessons from Analog Age

Join us as we weave together the story of the invention that inspired the first computers and so much more.

October 2022 Learn More Links

Collection of the Learn More links from all of the October 2022 stories, in one place.

2022 Holidays STEAM Gift Guide

A collection fo gift ideas for the holidays and any time of year!

If debugging is the process of removing software bugs

If debugging is the process of removing software bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in.


Find out how social media is being used to build a more peaceful world

Buildings that Bounce

Check out what happens when you combine 3D printing with Auxetic geometries!

October 2022 News Wire

Collection of interesting stories about technology from October 2022

Ethics and AI and Machine Learning

Breaking down the issue of bias in AI & ML in a one-act play!

The Healthy Boundaries Conversation

Technology is here to stay, so we should talk about how to be safe when using it.

Data Types

Programming languages use data types to allocate memory and enforce data integrity. They also reveal the nature of a language.

Partly Uploaded with a Chance of Storage

Find out where 'the cloud" got its name from!

Interactive Fiction Using Twine

Learn to make an interactive fiction your reader can't put down with Twine!

Getting Started with Open Source 3D Design

Begin your 3D design journey with Blender!

Rickrolling Fun with ffmpeg

Remix a classic meme with ffmpeg