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Our Vision

Tim Slavin started beanz magazine because he wanted to write about odd things he saw working as a technical writer in software development shops: Rubber ducks on developer desks. People talking about dogfooding. Or watching two developers sit next to each other, one coding while one researched and wrote things down. Or Fizz Buzz.

Ten years into this adventure, Tim and his team now realize the magazine is about something much more interesting than ducks or dogfood: What do we teach our kids about technology — software programming, artificial intelligence, computer science, etc — to help them learn how to understand and control technology? How do we ensure every kid in every culture and life situation has the same opportunities to become digitally literate? And how do we teach kids to use technology to bring together people from different cultures and points of view?

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. Our magazine aims to help support a conversation and bring about change by introducing as many kids as possible to the many aspects of technology like programming, 3D printing, electronics, robotics, AI, and more. Most importantly, we also want kids to see themselves in our pages and to have them see how people use technology to help answer these questions within their cultures.