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Our Team

Our magazine and nonprofit are run by a diverse team of STEM teachers, technology journalists, and technologists. We’re all interested to figure out how to explain often complex technical topics in ways that kids understand and find to be both interesting and fun. And we want to make a positive difference in the life kids we know and don’t know.

Writing Staff

Amy S Hansen

An award-winning kids science writer who has published 25 books, Amy writes about science and technology, for example, the James Webb Telescope and measuring the Van Allen Belt.

Contributing Writer

Erin Winick Anthony

Erin is the founder of STEAM Power Media which aims to make Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) more accessible and impactful through the use of digital storytelling and Art. On the side, she is also a STEM TikToker, pinball player, and science fashionista with a closet full of space-inspired clothing. She’s written for the Financial Times, MIT Technology Review, and the NASA International Space Station.

Staff Writer

Tim McGuigan

A middle school Computer Science and Robotics teacher and the Farrell Chair for Innovation at Shady Side Academy in Ohio, Tim writes about the challenges of teaching STEAM to kids.

Staff Writer

Bianca Rivera

Bianca is a school librarian at East Islip School District on Long Island, NY where she leads a Technology Club for grades 3-5 students.

Staff Writer

Joe Strout

A programmer since childhood, Joe has coded on mainframes, home computers, and game consoles. He created the MiniScript programming language and has written several coding books. 

Staff Writer

Jo Hinchliffe

A maker and tinkerer, writer for HackSpace magazine and others, Jo writes about electronics, Raspberry Pi, micro:bit, 3D software, and other hands on technology projects. He writes from Wales and has published articles in HackSpace and other magazines. 

Staff Writer

Ethan Pate

Ethan Pate is a cyber security analyst based in the Czech Republic. He is fascinated by how technology can be used to make the world a better place. 

Staff Writer

Simon Batt

Simon Batt is a UK-based tech enthusiast and all-around geek. His favourite things are cups of tea, cats, and new gadgets, even though they never mix well. 

Staff Writer

Charlotte Barkla

Charlotte is a Brisbane-based children’s book author and teacher. Her books have been translated in multiple languages and short-listed for awards. As well as writing for children, Charlotte writes feature articles for publications including the CSIRO’s Double Helix, and Youkie magazine.

Contributing Writer

Jennifer Newell

A Google-certified K-12 STEAM teacher in the Oakland, California area, Jennifer writes about languages like Scratch and Pyret, as well as other technology topics.

Staff Writer | beanz Magazine
Board Member | Kids Code & Computer Science, Inc a 501(c)3 nonprofit

Marina Torres

Originally from Brazil, Marina is a journalist currently pursuing an Erasmus Mundus Journalism Master degree in Aarhus and London. Her experiences include writing about Economics and Innovation in Brasília, Brazil, and collaborating with startups and venture builders on a global scale, from the Silicon Valley to Peru. With a foundation in journalism and a global perspective, she loves to explore topics regarding innovation and technology, in ways that might inspire kids.

Contributing Writer

Bianca Ferrari

Bianca is a tech-savvy journalist and self-proclaimed nerd based in Amsterdam. She loves traveling and learning about the ways technology helps us connect and keeps us apart. She’s written for VICE, Deutsche Welle, and EurActiv. She covers STEAM topics and activities for kids happening in Europe.

Contributing Writer

Editorial Staff

Tim Slavin

Tim is a long-time staff and freelance technical writer for Reuters, DoubleClick, MongoDB, Amelia, and other companies. He enjoys teaching technology skills to normal non-technical people, kids included. He’s played with internet technology since the Well and Usenet before AOL opened the internet to the mob in the 1990s.

Founder, Publisher, Editor, Writer | beanz Magazine
Executive Director | Kids Code & Computer Science, Inc a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Eileen Seiler

Eileen is a freelance writer, editor, and proofreader based in the Philadelphia area. In addition, she is a certified yoga instructor and amateur poet. Since 2019, Eileen has had the pleasure of working with the beanz team supporting technology-based education for children.

Copy Editor, Contributing Writer

Tom Slavin

Tom is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology where he earned a BA in Game Programming. He also has an interest in Japanese language and culture.

Technical Editor, Editorial Assistant, Contributing Writer

Design Staff

Kelley Lanuto

An award-winning designer of books and magazines for kids, Kelley creates our print magazine. She worked in advertising then for Highlights magazine for 10 years.

Art Director

Noah Cousineau

Noah is a Masters student studying Graphic Design. Before studying the arts, he received a bachelors of science in Aerospace Engineering. Noah aims to design STEM/STEAM topics in the same fun and fascinating ways that sparked his original curiosity for engineering

Magazine Designer

Business Staff

Lou Cassetta

Lou is a proven marketing leader and strategist with extensive experience in magazine subscription demand generation and audience development, with B2B and consumer companies. He’s held marketing leadership roles at companies such as Reader’s Digest, America Online, Euromoney and Thompson/SourceMedia. Since 2022, Lou and Tim have worked to test marketing programs to drive subscription sales.

Marketing Director | beanz Magazine
Board Member | Kids Code & Computer Science, Inc a 501(c)3 nonprofit

Madeleine Slavin

Maddie is a digital native who loves to watch and dissect entire TV series. She’s also interested in Japanese language and culture and wrote an article for the magazine about getting an all Japanese version of a video game before it appeared in the US in English. She graduated from Hunter College with a BA in German studies.

Social Media Coordinator

Ekaterina Balueva

Katya recently joined us, starting by helping manage the website. But she’s primarily a journalist and photographer who has covered human rights and journalists at risk. She also has significant experience with video production, public relations, and social media.