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Media Kit

We’re often asked to recommend STEAM products and our annual October issue includes recommended products for the holidays.

Now we’re taking things one step further: a dedicated two or three page section called Kids STEM/STEAM Marketplace. It will appear in our six print issues a year immediately after our popular Tidbitz section with its links to fun quirky tech-related articles. We’ll also set up a page for these ads on this website with our 1200+ STEM/STEAM articles which generates lots of organic targeted search traffic.

This new section will be tailored to kids ages 8-12+ and their parents, as well as STEAM teachers and librarians. Many of them also have maker-spaces for their students and patrons.

A little about us

beanz magazine is published by Kids Code & Computer Science, Inc, a US 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to providing STEAM education to all kids ages 8-12+, whether they can afford a subscription or not. In 2023, we donated 3800+ copies of our magazine to kids in Title 1 schools and kids who showed up at food banks, homeless shelters, and battered women’s shelters.

Since 2013, we have published 69 issues of our general interest STEAM computing magazine to educate, inspire, and entertain our young readers. Our staff writers are classroom STEAM teachers, technologists, and journalists who enjoy the challenge of explaining complex topics in terms kids understand. Staff live in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

We make technology fun for all kids and this year you can help us educate, entertain, and inspire kids interested to learn about and play with technology. Our kid readers will benefit directly from your advertising dollars as your message also reaches their parents, relatives, teachers, and librarians. This is the first time beanz has made its magazine and web site available to advertisers. It’s a unique and untapped opportunity.

Ad spending also is tax deductible due our nonprofit status. While gaining exposure for your STEAM products with our paid subscribers, you can help make it possible for us to donate thousands of magazine copies to kids. These kids life circumstances make it difficult for them to learn how to become digitally literate, as well as be inspired to pursue their interest in technology.

Our Audience

Our paid subscribers tend to be high net worth individuals with a presence of children in their lives who are interested in STEAM. Many of our parent readers also work in IT and subscribe to share their interests with their kids.

Our print magazine is published six times a year with a circulation base of 2,500 engaged readers which includes more than a thousand school and public libraries that provide exposure to their patrons interested in kids, STEAM, and computing.

The online version of our magazine has 52,000 unique visits a month, with an average 2700 to 4600 unique visitors a day. and xxx registered users, spending xxx amount of time on our web site.

Your Opportunity

Print magazine

If you were around in the 1990s and read Byte and other technology magazines, at the back there were pages and pages of classified ads for technology products. We’re doing the same for our print magazine to feature STEAM products that kids and their families will be interested to learn about and purchase.

We’re adding a two-page spread to our print magazine, located immediately after our most popular feature, a spread with lots of quirky fun technology stories, for example, wooden satellites, 3d printing houses, talking fungus, and other odd kid-friendly stories. The new two-page spread will be called The Kids STEAM Marketplace. It will feature STEAM products that help our readers pursue their interest in technology.

The Kids STEAM Marketplace will have ad units that are sold follows.

  • Two facing full page ads
  • Half page ads
  • Quarter page ads on each page

Web Site Kids STEAM Marketplace

In addition to a two-page spread in our print magazine, we also will add a Kids STEAM Marketplace page to the online version of our magazine to feature STEAM products from our print advertisers.

  • Advertiser supplied banner or box ads (imus) with standard sizes, running 3-6 Month flights.
  • Takeover and Sponsored opportunities.

Reach your audience in print and online for discounted rates for up to one full-year.

Please call Louis Cassetta at 941-720-0945 to discuss all advertising opportunities.