June 2020 Issue

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This online coding website makes it easy and fun to learn to code.

Got robots? Figuring out how to set them on a predefined course?

Looking for smart ways to make the most of your summer?

Computers would not exist without this number which has an interesting history.

Checkout how one school celebrated Pi Day with a helping of Raspberry Pi!

Aim for their Motherboard! This time we are talking about Computer Zombies!

Two satellites in identical orbits help measure the Earth with a unique plaque for future Earthlings.

Ever wonder if a computer could shake hands? It happens more than you would think!

Join us as we explore the weird history of Windows in computers!

Be wary of these password pitfalls that hackers love and learn how to keep your data secure!

Interesting stories about computer science, software programming, and technology for June 2020.