Code Trees with Pyret

Why find the perfect Christmas tree when you can make it?

Create Hot Lava with Piskel

Make your own lava block with this fun project!

Create Scratch Backgrounds

Love pixel art? Why not try making some of your own!

Make Pixel Art

Make your own pixel art masterpiece with this tutorial!

The Victorian Internet

Learn about some of the ways people use to communicate before the internet!

Changing Bases

Welcome to the far away land of the Ein Lifon where the number of appendages you have changes how you count!

Sprouts and Graph Theory

How can we apply the Konigsberg Bridge problem to real life and even make a game out of it? With Spouts of course!

Makey Makey some Cool Projects

Find out how to blend the physical and digital worlds with a Makey Makey Circuit board!

Binary Riddles

Binary might be the language of the computer, but we humans can use it to decode secret messages.

Sailors, Coconuts, and a Monkey

Can you figure out how to divide up coconuts between a group of sailors and a monkey? This puzzle mixes math and coding. Plus you can go online to try the code yourself.

Barbed Wire Telephone

How rural America connected itself to the phone grid using barbed wire, glass bottles, and even corncobs!

foo bar baz

These three strange words keep popping up in coding tutorials. What’s their story?

Clippy’s Back!

How Microsoft’s funny little assistant led to the AI we know and love today.


What’s the best way to choose a classroom lunch? Or the best way to elect a leader? The answer isn’t so simple.

Chinese New Year Lantern

Celebrate Lunar New Year with your own custom-built lantern, complete with LEDs and micro:bit!

Credit Card Algorithm

How can you tell if a credit card number is valid or invalid? Meet the Luhn algorithm, one of many checksums helping us keep the internet in order.

Introduction to Lego EV3

With an EV3 robotics set, you can build all kinds of robots!

Girls, Computers, and STEAM

Some ideas how to engage young women in computing and STEAM based on recent research.

Samantha the Frog

Here's a fun math problem you can work out with pen and paper as well as Python.

Your Digital Footprint

Surveillance cameras, satellites, RFID tags, and social media activities all create unique digital footprints.

Public Key Cryptography

This cryptography method is based on the fact some tasks are relatively easy to do, but extremely difficult to undo.

Getting Started with mBot Robotics

The mBot robotics kit is an excellent comparatively low-cost way to begin working with robots.

Computational Thinking

The ability to identify patterns, decompose large problems into small parts, develop algorithms to solve problems, and generalize to find solutions.

Getting Started with pygame

This project shows how to use the pygame code library to move simple animations with the Python programming language.

Discrete Math: Propositional Logic and Logic Circuits

Discrete math is an important computer science skill that introduces you to logic and logic circuits.

Thymio Robots

A Swiss-made robot, Thymio robots work with drag and drop languages and text-based languages like JavaScript.

Go, AlphaGo, and Artificial Intelligence

Learn the basics of Go plus neat math details about Go and AlphaGo, the computer that beat a human playing Go.

The Drone Factor

Best practices and concepts to learn before you buy your first drone.

Math Circles

Math circles are groups of students who come together to have fun discussing and solving intriguing math questions.


Sumobots smash into each other and can be a fun project to create. Free plans are online. Upload your plan to services which send you the parts.