Dithering Down on Images

Learn how dithering images makes them more compressible!

Color My World

En-lighten yourself with the basics of how light works!

A Family Heirloom… Computer?

Join the movement that wants to extend the lifetime of computers!


Check out this quick guide on how to make your very own server!

How Browsers Find Websites

Learn what a DNS is and how it's so critical to how the internet works!

Phone Sensors with Smarts

Your phone is a really neat piece of technology! Let's explore some of the sensor tech found inside.

Glitch Art of Corruption

Learn how you can corrupt images to make art!

A Whale of a Language

Have a whale of a time with this artistic programming language!

How Computers Make Sound

Learn how computers are able to create sound for all your favorite movies and music!

Simulations Make It Real, or Not

Learn about the importance of simulations, one the coolest types of technology around!

Coding With Hydra

Looking for a way to liven up your coding sessions? Check out our Hydra workshop!

Textiles and Text Files

Join us as we weave together how looms and binary data are comparable!

What are Keywords in Programming Languages?

Everyone knows the difference between saying, “Let’s eat, grandma!” and “Let’s eat grandma!” Computers don't.

Old Retro Web Browsers

Learn about the history of the world wide web and how browsers have evolved over time.

Quantum Logic Gates

Diving back into logic gates and quantum computing!

Quantum Computing Gateways

Ever wonder how your computer processor works? And how that might impact quantum computing hardware?

Internet Over Radio

In the time before WIFI there was Amateur Radio. Get your call signs ready!

What is Quantum Computing?

What is a qbit and how can it potentially change the world? Find out as we explore quantum computing!

BBC Basic

Diving into this issues 40-year old featured language: BBC Basic!


Find out how people are saving classic games through restoration and archiving!

Inform 7 Interactive Stories

Rediscover the fun of some of the first video games with Inform 7!

Solderpunk Interview

An interview with Solderpunk about the inspiration and the creation of Gemini!

Prime Numbers

Learn how asymmetric encryption and prime numbers help keep you safe online!


Meet lisp, one of the oldest and simplest families of programming languages out there!

The Small Internet

From gopherspace to geminispace, the small internet is a lot bigger than you think!


Learn why Arduino: Forth is actually #1!

How Data is Stored

What in the world is a video redundancy? Find out that and more in this crash course on encoding!


This month we are diving into concurrent and distributed programming with Erlang!

3D Printing PPEs for Essential Employees

With shortages in PPE, the maker movement arrived to save the day!