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It's no surprise the Covid pandemic has had a negative impact on kids reading and math skills. beanz is a fun way to keep up with reading and math. Plus it's a must have award-winning print + online magazine to help kids learn about coding, computer science, and technology. We publish six times a year and subscriptions include a monthly email featuring some of our 1000+ articles.

"I really enjoy reading beanz, especially coding and computer science concepts, and I always look forward to getting them. Apparently, so do my lambs!"

— Harrison in New Zealand

"As a former teacher turned homeschooling parent, I LOVE (love, love!) when cross-curricular learning takes place. Each of the projects and ideas included in beanz requires kids to use cross-curricular skills. A child isn't simply coding or creating a Roblox account. Kids are using math, science, art, or critical thinking."

— a Parent

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Why subscriptions? This magazine has no advertising, by design. There are no distracting or inappropriate ads. There's also no links in stories, no callouts begging you to click away from what you want to read. The bottom of every online article includes curated links where you can learn more about the topic. Subscribers help make the magazine 100% for the benefit of kids, parents, teachers, librarians, and anyone who wants to learn more about coding, computer science, and how we use technology in our daily lives.

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